317. Back in Bewitching Essaouira (Mor 150--revisit)

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From there I head on to Essaouira at dusk where I’ll spend the night.

Back in 2000 I’d spent a couple of weeks in Essaouira after my time in Idrawin, just chilling… jamming with some of the local musicians… soaking in the culture and restful charm of the place... Like Idrawin, it was an important transition phase in my life where I psyched myself up for some really important decisions I had to make.  So coming back is a good chance to take a good look at my life and all that’s gone on in my life since then.

I also brought my wife here on one of our honeymoon trips in 2001—creating some more happy memories…

So this time I’m not really looking for any big experiences… I just want to reminisce a bit, take some photos and clips, parkbench and wander around a couple of familiar spots.

Essaouira has a bewitching air to it—you arrive and you feel like you could just stay there forever… but this time, I mustn’t let myself fall under its spell.  This time I’m not an anchorless wanderer—I have a very clear objective in life and a lot of miles to cover still…

So I enjoy a delicious kas dial raib and pastry… I book a room at the same dingy hotel… I wander the crowded medina alleys at night… Next morning I head down to the port where fishermen unload their catch of sardines from their boats… I take a couple of clips from the top of the sea wall with cannons still pointing out to the sea… Enjoy some delicious freshly caught fish… and wander around the relatively boring modern part of town and stroll up the boardwalk.  It’s good to be back in Essaouira.

A couple of things have changed though.  The cramped dilapidated old Jewish Quarter with its super narrow alleys and crumbling structures is being torn down… And Essaouira’s vey best café—a beautiful little spot right at the entrance to the city with a great view and it’s own mini castle turret you can climb up, has been shut down… And right outside the medina entrance, a large modern looking commercial/residential complex has been built that really just doesn’t jive well with the old medina vibe…

And then…  I continue on… I mustn’t tarry here much longer

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photo by: wagslikeadog