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Instead of catching a ride back, another village, way on the other side of the stream valley catches my eye. So I follow a path through the fields and olive groves to it.  The path gets muddier and muddier and my flip flops that I just bought last night fall apart.  I have to ford the stream to an island a couple of times to avoid the thick mud—kind of nervous that I’ll slip and ruin my camera and guitar…

As I near the village a couple boys call me over asking me to come play some music for them.  I’m a little suspicious, thinking maybe they just want to see me fall into the stream—so I demand that they cross over first… Once I’m sure the crossing is safe I cross over…

Play a bit of music, then follow the shady path to the quiet village of Ghrs, where I enjoy for one last time this year the charm of a rustic Atlas village…

From here, I head back to Ait Ourir… from Ait Ourir to Marrakech and in Marrakech I cross the old medina one more time to catch the bus to Casablanca… this time I used a compass, and didn’t deliberately try to get myself lost.


And so ended my 12th of the Ourika Region etc… and the end of one whopping 130 town tour.


2008A with 130 towns explored and 52 days spent on the road, I would say was my first “perfect” semester--  a sort of prototype to look back on and use as a model. 

My first three semesters were each successful in their own way, but they each had their share of hangups and obstacles that kept me from really throwing myself into my project.  In 2007A I was still in transition and trying to figure out if this was really going to work… in 2008A I was getting ready to move to Morocco and in 2008B I was getting settled in in Morocco.

In this semester, however I was settled in and ready to throw myself into my project.  And fate seemed to smile on me as well--  even though I didn’t have much vacation time during this period, only about 20 days, I worked a whole bunch of 3 day weeks, freeing up 4 days every week to do some serious exploring.

And next semester looks to even be better.

End of Episode 12

End of 2009A Tour

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photo by: nathanphil