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As I approach Amezmiz, I get off at the first sign of civilization—so I can hike my way into town… It’s scorchingly hot—but I soon find a nice shady spot with a good view of the town on the other side of a lush green valley that makes it worthwhile. 

Amezmiz isn’t all that special—but it does have some character to it, a bustling commercial strip and a mix of the old and the new—I find a great little juice bar which offers a delicious yoghurt and fruit salad for ten dirhams… I wander up and down the hilly neighborhoods for a bit until I’m satisfied that I’ve discovered Amezmiz, and I head on my way…

I figure I from here I could head northwest, stop in another town and from there head to my long sought parkbenching prize: Imin Tanoute on the Marrakech-Agadir highway.  But there aren’t any buses from Amezmiz heading that direction… so I finally give up and head on back to Marrakech…

Back in Marrakech, I figure I’ll try to explore a new way through the medina up to the bus station—I’ve got some time to kill after all… but I end up in a rather dodgy section with no exits to the outside.  Wandering around looking for an exit, I find I’m being trailed by a bunch of kids who want to “guide” me—they tell me the way I’m headed is a dead end and point out another way.  Wisely, I ignore them and continue on my way—which luckily does lead to an exit.  All the same, I feel a bit flustered and irritated at those little urchins—and my love for Marrakech drops yet another notch…

I head on to the bus station and get on the next bus to Casablanca.

It’s been a frustrating—and rewarding couple of days.  Nothing seemed to go as planned—I didn’t make it to Toubkal, Taroudant OR Imin Tanoute… but I DID discover Shangri La, I survived a bunch of really cool landslides… and I discovered a Fairy Tale Castle—complete with princess and all…

This week has been a really fun, unpredictable adventure

End of Episode 11


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photo by: mario26