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It’s near dusk, but there’s one more discovery I want to make.  Another castle perched on a hill top not too far off.  So I leave my castle and the village around it and continue on south back up across the highway to the village of Doghuch.  There I quickly climb the hill to find that the “castle” is a ryad probably not even a century old that is being converted into a hotel—and it’s locked up tight and guarded by a dog and a watchman.

Not exactly a great discovery, but at least it satisfies my curiosity.  It’s starting to rain again, but I insist on taking a clip and playing a set on the hillside under the shelter of a bush…

I figure I’ll head on back to Talat n Yacoub where I think there’s a cheap hotel.

  But first I take shelter next to a store until the rain stops.  There I get to talking with a couple of farmers who tell me what they know about the castle by the stream—which is not a whole lot.  They think it’s pretty cool that an outsider is so interested in their culture and history.

We keep on talking as it gets later and later.  The storekeeper insists that I stay the night at his place… and I accept.  I figure it would be a fitting conclusion to the days adventures.
So he leads me up to his home—typical for the region, with many rooms centered around a couple of patio areas.  Here it confirms again my suspicion that people in this area are a bit more open when it comes to women.  Here the women of the house came and greeted me and sat around the table with us.  The fellow even told me that his sister had been a candidate for village representative in the elections!

Another fascinating and insightful glimpse into a Moroccan village family…

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photo by: nathanphil