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I wasn’t all that excited about seeing Morocco’s most famous Natural Bridge.  After all, I saw a couple of natural bridges in Kentucky, USA... once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all , right?

But Pont Imin Ifni is just a few kilometres from Demnate so I still figure I ought to check it out.

I find a van heading up that way--although I would've gladly made the 6 km hike up through beautiful wooded landscape.  We pass groups of local young fellows heading the same direction--but the driver doesn't stop... I guess he knows that they aren't gonna pay...

And then I get the first glimpse of the Natural Bridge.  It's like an enormous opening to a cave with stalagtites and all sorts of cool cavelike formations and it opens to a vast and beautiful valley.

  Far below a playful stream with multiple little waterfalls splashes through. 

No, all Natural Bridges are not created equal--and Morocco's has gotta be one of the coolest...

There's a stairway down to the bottom where young folks swim in a pool in the stream--I go in through the cathedrallike entrance, snapping pictures like crazy, trying to get different angles of this amazing formation--no single photo can really do it justice.

Once inside, I find a stairway that looks like a Stairway to Hell, winding up the side of the cave.  The steps pretty slick with constant dripping water...

And to top it off, once on the other side, I find another pool all to myself with my own little personal Natural Bridge--a big boulder with a waterfall pouring in through a hole.  I can't resist the urge to hop in and enjoy the most refreshing shower I can remember.

  I even take a picture of myself there--trying to capture the moment. 

Yep, Imin Ifni was definitely more than worth the visit.

I climb up another stairway on the other side, and cross the top of the bridge to the little village of Ifni nearby.  There's one tourist lodge there, and a couple of rural homes and that's it... I follow a path to the edge of the village and on to a flowery valley up stream with some cool geological layers giving a little glimpse into the formation of the bridge...

I head on back to the bridge and there have one of the coolest parkbenching sessions ever--singing to the vast canyon and valley below.

A couple of fellows come to listen, including a professional trekking guide.  Finally, fully satisfied with my amazing afternoon, we head on back to Demnate... 

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Imin Ifni
photo by: nathanphil