0343. The Boring Plains (Mor 176--new)

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Episode 10: Beauty of the Middle Atlas

Once again, I go back to Casablanca and 3 days later turn right around and head out on another adventurous parkbenching tour.   I’m can finally see the finish line and I’m getting psyched up about being able to say “I have Parkbenched every single town in Morocco”....

I’ve finished the north—now let’s finish the center.  Up in the Middle Atlas Mountains above Beni Mellal, I’m pretty sure there’ll be some pretty cool spots—but to get there, I must pass through the Valley of the Shadow of Death... Morocco’s hot, dusty and boring Central Plains...

OK, it’s not that bad... but I’m just keeping my expectations very low for the first couple of towns.


Actually my first stop is Settat, a city I parkbenched back in February of 08—but that was at night and I didn’t get a proper clip...so here I’m back again. 

I take a clip with the horse and the castle in the background.  Once again I try to enter the castle only to be chased out by a very angry dog—nothing much to see inside anyways...

I wander around the commercial district—down one street that specializes in just making sofa cushions... finally I reach the sprawling Grand Taxi terminal and hop on a cab to my first new destination:  Guisser.

Guisser is what I expected.  A cluster of modern and traditional homes in the middle of barren fields—OK, they’re not really barren... there are clear signs everywhere that there was a great wheat harvest this year.  I guess seeing golden stubble is a lot better than the barren earth we see most years at this time.

I wander Guisser a bit, eat a delicious glass of Raib, play a short set in the shade of a tree... and head on my way...

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photo by: nathanphil