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I got to talking with a teacher as I waited for the van to Tilouine--he kindly invited me in for tea at his

country home... a decent chap...

Transportation isn't very frequent to this little country village, so I'd better explore it quick...

Walking along, an only bucktooth fellow on a bicycle stopped me.

"Who's your Sheikh?" He blurts out. Sounds like a rather odd question--I assume that he means to ask me if I’m authorized to visit this town. I tell him that I came to visit a teacher and I am going to have a look around and catch the van back to Goulmima at four.  He huffs a bit and then heads off.

Tilouine has its own little castle... but I still have a little time, so I amble down the road through an oasis to see what else there is.

The palm trees aren't as big and lush as, say, around Erfoud, but it's quite nice, nonetheless. 

Then I come across another castle in the middle of nowhere--but as I venture inside I soon find that something is different... it is collapsing and abandoned--no one attempting to rebuild it.

So I guess eventually a mud castle has to die at some point...

Heading back to Tilioune that old man comes after me again--this time he is really huffing... He tells me HE is the town sheikh and demands to see my ID card--I then demand to see HIS ID card, which he doesn't appreciate.  He says that he is going to have to contact the Gendarme to have me registered.

I’m feeling downright irritated.  I've been questioned by the cops and the local sheikh before, but it's always been it some dodgy, ugly town where there's no logical reason for a tourist to be... But Tilouine is a beautiful little oasis, and all I'm doing is walking around on the main roads...

Clearly some guys take their jobs way to seriously. 

I almost hope he’ll call the Gendarme so I can really chew him out in front of them, telling him this is no way to treat a tourist.  But when I sharply explain that I had a bus to catch in Goulimima and he'd better not make me miss that bus, he finally lets me be...

A rather odd, almost humorous finish to my journey...

End of Episode 06


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photo by: nathanphil