0307. Castle Overload... (Mor 140--new)

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Finally I reach Rissani--I'm thirsty and hungry so I go ahead and go straight to the market area for a tagine... Take an hour or so to chill out at a local cybercafe and then head out to explore the town.

It's the middle of the day, the market is shut down, it's hot--and there's not a whole lot going on here in town... so I continue on towards outside to the countryside... and find a castle... and then another castle... and then another... So many castles that I can't possible explore them all!  In fact, folks in these hinterlands don't live in regular, houses--they just all live in castles and work the fields around them...

It's an amazing region--and I scurry in and out of each castle trying to discover everything I can about this unique culture.  Unfortunately, a lot of these castles have only dead ends inside--people have separate doors from their houses directly to the outside--so invariably I find myself in awkward situations coming to a dead end--running into a very perplexed lady and asking "uh... I'm sorry... this is a dead end, isn't it?"

Finally I reached my mud castle saturation point and just can't keep on discovering any more...

I'll have to come back this way some other time, though, to continue to experience the magic of this region.


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photo by: brett4321