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Rich (pronounced "reesh") is the first "typical Moroccan town" I've seen in a while--with the ordinary 3 story, square fairly modern houses with little stores and barbershops lining the streets).   After these amazing last two days, it's nice to be able to just chill and see "normal stuff" for a few hours...

I wander through a very typical little market, down the main commercial street... A couple of guys in front of one of the barbershops call me over... One of them tells me that he has a guitar also--and, please, if I ever come back this way, could I bring him some guitar strings?

I have seen horrors in my travels--but nothing like I was about to see next... As he brought out his guitar... and what was he using for guitar strings? BICYCLE BRAKE CABLE!  Even the most cold hearted guitarist would have wept at the sight.


He said that there were no guitar strings to be found anywhere in the region.  I knew I had to do something... so after giving it some thought, I told him that I'd sell him my spare set of Martin strings--hopefully I won't break any strings between now and the next city that sells guitar strings...

One thing that Rich definitely has that I've been lacking these last few days in eager audiences... I played no fewer than 6 parkbenching sessions with different groups of fellows that I came across... The barber/guitarist and his friends... a couple of fellows at the park... a fellow who runs a little pool hall who invited me in for tea... Another group of cheerful fellows just hanging about...

Very satisfying.  Tiring, but satisfying. 

I also took a clip next to the stream with a pretty impressive cliff in the background--the main landmark of Rich. 

...It's getting late--the fellows invite me to stay the night... but I decide to head on to Errachidia...


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photo by: nathanphil