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I get to Kasba Tadla in the late afternoon--right as market day was winding down.   I wander around for a bit--but I get the feeling that two fellows are trailing me... managed to throw them off and head on into town. 

The first thing I notice is a cool castle up on a hill--so I hurry over so I could take a few shots before evening.  Find a great combination of castle, snow capped peaks and a little lake and waterfall making for a beautiful scene...

The inside of the castle is about the most run down little medina that I've seen--just a couple of scrappy shanties and a mosque and that's it... Not a huge effort to preserve Tadla's historical heritage...

As I head towards downtown, I quickly note Tadla's unusual feel.  There's a big central plaza--but right beside it is a forested area that looks like some sort of old French Plantation or something.

  There's only a couple of blocks of "downtown"--and the rest of the city is little clumps of neighborhoods flung about on the surrounding rolling hills.

I find a little hotel, settle in, and then set out into the night to explore a few of those neighborhoods, walking until the houses suddenly ended, then darkness, and another cluster of homes beyond.  I found a quiet little park next to the river to pull out my guitar--then I headed back into town.

Back in town, looking for batteries for my camera, a young Berber shopkeeper struck up a conversation with me.  He says he's studying tourism in nearby Beni Mellal and hopes to land a job down in Agadir--but he still finds time to help his father with his shop.


It's a cold, windy evening and the city has already sort of gone to sleep, so after grabbing a quick bite, I head on to my hotel.

Next morning, head down to explore the beautiful tree lined river and bridge once again in the daylight... take another clip while a neighbor sheepishly chucks his garbage in...

It's been a fun town to explore--but there's one more spot I must check out before I leave.

The Fork.

It's an odd monument of some sort that looks like, well, a fork situated on a ridge on the other side of the river.  Of course I have to go to take a closer look.

Can't say it took my breath away--but, I guess you really can't really say you've experienced Kasba Tadla without visiting The Fork.

Time to head on up the mountains now.  I am told that my best bet was to go up the highway a little ways and just wait for a bus coming by from Beni Mellal direction... so that's what I do...


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Kasba Tadla
photo by: nathanphil