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Episode 04: Snowy Mountains

Another 3 days back in Casablanca... and here I am, out on the road again... Traveling and parkbenching new places have definitely been the priority this January!

This time it's east--and then north to the mountains.  Goal: a video clip with snow.  Now, of course, I saw plenty of snow last winter parkbenching in Pennsylvania.  But this is African snow--that makes it very special.

First, though, I need to knock out a couple of towns that I skipped on my way to Beni Mellal last year. The first one is Boujad.

I walk into town from the bus station and... hey!  Boujad has an old medina!  Not only that, but it's a unique medina with its own feel and color: Yellow... So I head in to explore.  I drunk or crazy guy hurling insults at me attempts to spoil my tour, but I continue on.  Quite small, but cozy--and with a very ancient feel. 

Afterwards I head out for something to eat.  It's either beans or a rather wilted looking tagine. I opt for the beans and after regret my decision.  Head out to the edge of town and then back in--a crowd of young fellows call me over and demand some music.  They fill me in a bit on the proud history of Boujad--confirming that, yes, it is very old... They beg me to stick around--but I have many more miles to cover...

I head to the main plaza area where I take another video clip and head on down the road...


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photo by: nathanphil
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