0276. Discovery and Disaster (Mor 109--new)

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And there it is... a magnificent little village trapped in time.  Except for this electric lines, this village hasn't changed in a thousand years--perched on the top of a hill overlooking a very modern city!  Fantastic!  Definitely worth getting rained on for this...

I wander through the town soaking in the village vibe.  Two cheerful boys follow me along.   "Temna" is the name of the village and it definitely deserves being parkbenched...

The boys join me for the session--and afterwards one of them insists on taking a few pictures of the countryside for me.  I point to the raincloud.

"Oh, it won't start raining until this evening" one of them says confidently.  I let him take a few pictures--he's actually quite good.

.. takes a great portrait shot of his brother...

Then the rain starts.  I point to a path that looks like a shortcut down and around the hill--to another village that I'd spotted earlier... I ask them if it leads down the hill... they say yes--then scurry off to their schoolhouse...

I start making my way down the footpath as it starts to pour fiercely.  The umbrella isn't doing much good--but that's not the worst of my problems. 


There is nothing solid to step on. Foolishly, I keep going... And then it happen. The fall--no, not stumbing and getting a smudge on my jeans... it's Baptism by Complete Immersion... You know, your shoe disappearing completely and half your body instantly changing color...

Still worth discovering Temna, I tell myself.


I manage to rescue my shoe. And stagger on, looking like the Abominable Mudman.  Luckily, my guitar and camera seem to have survived undamaged.   Luckily, there's no one around to share my moment of shame.  I have half the mind to take a photo of myself--but I opt not to.  My sense of humor just isn't quite that developed. 

Thankfully, the rain has stopped.  Now I just need to figure how I'm going to reenter civilization.  I found a little stream of rainwater.  I pour water on myself and try to scrub off the mud using a spare sock.  After a half an hour or so of smearing mud around, I manage to sort of return to my original color.

I finally come into view of that town I had spotted earlier-- a beautiful cluster of houses tucked between two hills.

  I take a few photos and them gingerly make my way down the slippery slopes.  Reaching town isn't much better.  The alley are all thick mud and very steep.  Some of the locals just stare at me--others point out the best way.  I manage to make it down the hill without any more disasters. 

Then the disappointment.  I ask what the name of this town is and I'm told that is is technically just another neighborhood of Sidi Kasem--even though it's geographically separate... I decide to stick to the rules and not count it as a new town. 

I cross a bridge over a raging river over to another neighborhood.  Stop in a local cafe so I can try to do a bit more scrubbing in their restroom.  I still look like a hobo--but, oh well...

Following the road back to downtown, a fellow strikes up a conversation.

  He tells me I have some mud smeared on my face--so I explain my misadventure.

"You'd should have gone up there--there are a lot of dangerous people up in those hills."

Yeah, whatever.

Wander around the bustling market area and finally eat a decent meal, then I head down across the train tracks to the west section of the city.  This consist mainly of less interesting modern neighborhoods.  I do come across a couple of fellows fiddling with a guitar--so I stop by to listen in a bit...

It's getting dark.  Tomorrow I've got to be in Rabat early.  So I figure I'd better bid this region goodbye...

An interesting section of the country--this Kenitra-Sidi Kacem route... kind of a poorer, less popular sister of the Rabat-Meknes route to the south...


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photo by: nathanphil