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It's getting a bit late, and I'm not sure if I want to try to head all the way to Sidi Kacem, a bigger city, or stop in Sidi Slimane.  When the bus stops in Sidi Slimane, I quickly jump off the bus and ask the first passerby if there's a hotel here in town.  He says that there is--so, I guess this will be my next stop...

It doesn't take me to long to find the place--but the guy says he only has double rooms.  I tell him I'm going to shop around for something cheaper. He looks at me a bit funny.  As I find out later, this is the ONLY hotel here in Sidi Slimane...

Soon it starts pouring down rain.  Fortunately, I have an umbrella with me, so I continue to explore the town... I follow the main road to the northern edge of town where there's a nice little covered market--then back again.

  Follow the road to the east end of town and back--and finally head back and pay for a dirty, double room...

Next day, I set out to explore a very muddy city once more.  I find an impressive old church--a relic from colonial times and an unimpressive little park where an amazing young guitarist comes by and shows me a few licks.  Damn... Sidi Slimane doesn't seem to be the kind of place that would crank out skilled guitarists!

It seems that it's market day in some neighborhood beyond the bridge--so I head off that direction to find out.  Halfway across, a couple of cops in a squad car call me over.  Yep. They have a little hard time with my story that a blonde foreigner just wants to "explore" muddy little Sidi Slimane. 

"It's dangerous over around the market area--you'd better just stay around the downtown area..." the tell me.

I have half a mind to tell them of some of the REALLY dangerous places I've been to--and that there's certainly nothing here in Sidi Slimane that I can't handle.  But instead I thank them and turn around the other way.
I've seen plenty of markets already...




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Sidi Slimane
photo by: nathanphil