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After spending another night in fascinating Safi, I figure I'll try to hit a few more town in the area--so I can confidently say that the Safi Region has been fully parkbenched...

Chemaia looks like a good place to start.... but when I get there, and I start wandering around a bit, I notice that there's an endless parade of horsecarts coming and going to the west--so I follow them to see what's going on... they all follow a couple of roads and paths through a green field to a little village beyond.

It's market day.  "Sooq Khemis"--or "Thursday Market" is the village's name, looks like it's usually a very quiet place--but it's alive today.  From far away I can here the vendors call, and the music. I follow the sound through some muddy country paths and finally reach the entrance.


I immediately notice the difference between city markets and small town market day.  For one thing, the alleys are much wider--it's quite pleasant to wander around.  Then there's a general shortage of thieves, bums and troublemakers--all I see around are gentle but hardy countryfolks.

This market has an interesting attraction:  an entire alley of fortune tellers and folk doctors--each with their own tent so you can go inside and find a cure for whatever ails you in private...

I finally head out--stop at a local cafe to see what's on the menu... not in the mood for beans today... so I wander along the perimeter of the village to look for a spot to do my video clip.  I feel a bit conspicuous wandering past very humble looking abodes--so I finally settle for a plain location, leaning against a stone wall near the main road back to Chemaia...


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Sooq Khemis
photo by: nathanphil