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I have things calculated almost down to the minute so I can get back to Morocco on time...have to cross 3 countries in 3 days--one of them with the most unreliable transportation on earth... We'll see how it goes...

Crossing Senengal goes quite smoothly... We do have a delay, when some cops tried to haul off stuff folks had  bought in Gambia to resell in Senegal--but I they eventually got that sorted out...Get a bush taxi up to Kaolack... hop on a scooter to the taxi station on the other end of town to grab another taxi straight to Saint Louis... Spend the night in Saint Louis... meet a couple more musicians--including a Senegalese member of a French-African fusion band... Get up before dawn to hike across town to the taxi station... make it to Rosso, Senegal at about 9:30 where I grab an egg and potato omelete from a fellow who must be the fastest breakfast maker on the planet.

Sheep market in Rosso

To not waste time, I hop on a "pirogue" a small, dangerously overloaded boat.  My side of the boat is literally inches above the water... I think of suggesting the a few people go to the other side to balance it out--but no one else seems to be concerned, so I don't say anything...

Mauritania feels dry, and dreary after my colourful week in Subsaharan Africa.  And here there are no benches in front of the local shops where cheerful locals ask me to pull out my guitar for them.  I trudge all the way across town down streets that are just sand, figuring I can play some music under a tree outside town somewhere.  The only problem is that the entire perimeter of Rosso is sort of an endless garbage dump with trash scattered everywhere—not a very pleasant atmosphere for playing music. 

I finally find a shady bush that looks tolerable—but I still feel pretty self-conscious pulling out my guitar there.  A couple of kid join me one of them doing some rapper poses for my video clip…

Then it’s on back past the sheep market and back to town to try to exchange some money before continuing on north.


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Sheep market in Rosso
Sheep market in Rosso
A village we stopped at on the way
A village we stopped at on the way
photo by: eefab