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The Baum site is located on western shore of Currituck Sound in Currituck County. I presented a collection of bones and artifacts that I had collected from the waves of Currituck Sound to Dr. S. Phelps of East Carolina University in August of 1970. This site, was initially surveyed and recorded in July 1972 by Dr. David S. Phelps. This is a Middle to Late Woodland period village. There is evidence of late archaic period and late 18th and early l9th century use of this site.There have been five Colington phase ossuary burials discovered at this site. Two of these burials are currently eroding into Currituck Sound. The Colington phase is of the same time frame of the Algonkian culture encountered by early English explorers. Artifacts included in these ossuaries burials include a carved panther jaw, bone tools, ceramics, marginella shell beads and copper beads. Artifacts from other areas include ceramics, projectile points, blades, celts, grinding stones and platforms, shell and bone tools and pipes. Numerous trash middens have been excavated. The diet of this site included deer, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, oyster and numerous fish, turtle, bird species. This site is crucial to understand the Colington phase, of eastern of North Carolina. This site is the first known Algonkian culture location with more than one ossuary burial. The Baum site was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on December 8, 1980.
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photo by: furiousfowl