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Insley Mounds are located on Frankie Loftin Road at Lat. 32.387526 and Long. -91.47811. This property is owned by W. T. Insley of Delhi, Louisiana. There currently are 3 mounds visible with evidence of several others. Historic accounts report 13 mounds. Decades of plowing has reduced many of these mounds. This is a large site on the eastern edge of Macon Ridge. It overlooks the western shore of Bayou Macon. Two mounds ( Mounds B and D) are visible from the historic marker. Mound B is a rectangular and conical-shaped. Mound B is the largest at 20' in height and 300' by 215' at the base. Core samples taken indicate that it was constructed in a single event. Mound D is a rectangular platform that is 11' tall and is 165' by 135' at the base and was built in a single event. Mound A is the northern most mound. It has been reduced by the construction of the modern road on the western side and by possible flooding of the Bayou Macon on the eastern side. Mound A is 4' in height and approximately 65' in diameter. There is a historic account of 2 burials in Mound A. The deeper of the two burials had up to 4 individuals with 2 of them being infants. The shallow burial had one individual.  This site began to be occupied around 725 BC based on archaeological evidence. The construction of Mounds B and D began shortly after 700 AD based on radio-carbon dating of charcoal samples recovered from beneath these 2 mounds. This is an easy site to see in any season and on my last visit it was permitted to walk around these mounds. My visit to this site was before I went digital. I will post photographs once I convert my old slides.
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Insley Mounds