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Marsden is a group of 5 mounds and 1 breastwork. The largest mound (Mound E) is in the woods on the SW side of the site. It is about 13' tall and 150' square at the base. The other mounds are about 3' to 5' tall. Occupation of this site began prior to 1500 BC. Dated charcoal under 2 of the smallest mounds date the start of construction to 400 AD and 1200 AD. The Marsden Mound site is approximately 13 acres and is in the Poverty Point Reservoir State Park.  Marsden is located on the west bank of a small oxbow lake of the Bayou Maçon and south of
Glade Slough that is a tributary of Bayou Maçon.  The Marsden Mound site sits on the convex side of the oxbow. The entire sites sits on the Macon Ridge. The mounds of this site are named A, B, C, D and E.  Mound A is located in an former agricultural zone, which suffered through decades of plowing. The perimeter of this mound is still visible. Today it is approximately oval-shaped and measuring approximately 102' by 80 ' and is still 3' tall. There are 3 dome-shaped mounds (B, C, D) located southeast of Mound A, at the eastern edge of
Maçon Ridge. These mounds were protected from plowing by a line of trees. There is remnants of a low breastwork connecting Mound B
to C and C to D. Mound B measurements are approximately 58' x 39' and 4' tall. Mound C measurements are approximately 65' x 49' m
and 5' tall. Mound D measurements are approximately 58' x 45' and 3' tall. Mound E is in a wooded area approximately 325' SW of Mound A. There is evidence of a small dome-shaped mound on the SE corner Mound E.  A breastwork is present on the SE
corner of Mound E and extends in a southeastern direction for approximately 105'. It is approximately 3' tall and varies in width from 17' to 26'. Previous archaeological investigations documented a curved breastwork around the mound site terminating at the bank of Bayou Macon.  Two groups of burials have been encountered but were not excavated. One burial group may have contained up to 5 individuals, the other burial group contained 1 adult and up to 4 infants.The Marsden Mound site is a significant Woodland Period mound group. The construction of the mounds appears to have started around 400 AD. Marsden Mound site is one of only a few Woodland mound groups in Louisiana with remnants of a semi-circular breastwork enclosure.
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Marsden Mounds