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Now that I have been home a little over 3 months my memories and thoughts of Costa Rica all feel like a dream.  Lately, I have been thinking about the goodbye I said to my host brother Jorge and his wife Amelia.  They had an amazing relationship, 5 kids.  It was always an enjoyable household to visit.  I often would just talk with Amelia over coffee and popcorn about life, her kids, my family.  I hope one day I can be like her.  She was just bad ass, she could fish like a pro.  I loved their kids especially the little one, Belen.  She was always very generous with the hugs.  And Jorge introduced me to contrabando with Squirt and he was always ready for a dance.  One day they all just went to town dancing in the kitchen.  On one of my 1st visits their daughter, Gabriela brought out her guitar, she played while Amelia sang "Cano Negro".  A few weeks before I left Amelia gave me a picture of her sitting on Jorge's lap and they are both wearing sunglasses.  She said so I would remember what real movie stars look like.  I keep that picture with me everywhere I go.

But most of all my memory of our good bye I'll forever cherish.  It was the night before I was leaving for my return to the states.  I stopped by to drop off a gift and it turned into a little party.  Amelia started cooking enchiladas (Tico tostadas) and Jorge ran out to to buy beer and Squirt.  We sat around the kitchen with the kids telling stories of the past year and they schooled me on more of those famous dichos (sayings).  I think my favorite story was the one where Jorge told how I sang "My Heart Will Go On".  Karoake is big in CR.  He said they knew what the song should sound like and I was no where close.  Or the time I fell jumping over a stream when we went fishing."Aeisha se cayo!" We could not stop laughing.  When it was time for me to head back to Z-13, Amelia and Jorge walked me to catch a pirate taxi.  As we walked we passed a friend of Jorge's who asked if he was walking with his daughters.  He replied "Casi" (almost).  I was so touched.  We went by the fountain, Amelia asked Jorge for money and she and I turned around, tossed and made our wishes.  Then it was time to say goodbye, I hugged each of them tight, looked into their faces, promised I'd keep in touch and of course return.
Eric says:
Thanks for sharing your Costa Rica experiences with us!
Posted on: Mar 28, 2007
Isoinspira says:
It's always so hard to leave host families and the amazing experiences that forever change you.
Posted on: Mar 27, 2007
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