Travbuddy Mehmet is getting married on Valentines Day.

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Love is in the air.



My cell phone rang to day and it was my beautiful Travbuddy friend Mehmet (TB name dieforu) calling me.



I had the opportunity to get to know Mehmet last summer when he visited me in Trondheim.  We spend a day together in my hometown.  I guided him through Trondheim, showing him some of my favourite paces here.



As Mehmet is a football fan we also visited the home arena of Trondheim’s football team Rosenborg, Lerkendal.  The one of you that read my blog from his visit will remember he got bananas in the Rosenborg support shop.



We had a great dinner at the Tyholt Tower, and in the evening we met up with Milan from Nepal at a small bar next to my house.



Mehmet is very easy to bee found of as he is a warm and generous person.  Lots of you met him at the Travbuddy meet up in Leiden some days after he visited me, and I`m sure you agree with me.



It was very nice to hear his voice in the phone.

Mehmet arriving Trondheim



And the reason for calling surprised me and made me very happy.



He is marrying a girl from Turkey and is inviting me to his wedding party Istanbul on Valentines Day.  Oh my, I`m honoured being invited.  I hope I`ll be able to participate.   



So now I`m in a hurry; I have to talk to my employer to see if I can have some days of and check if I can have airline tickets.  



I`ll bee back with more later on.




My employer has given me one day off yippppppyyyyyy! ;o)


But those airplain tickets.......................



Hm... only days I`ll can travel from Trondheim to Istanbul is Sundays, that means I have to have a week of, and that it impossible for me.


I would love to go to the wedding, but I`m not able to.   I have to call Mehmet and tell him so.


I`m sure he will have a great wedding.


Mehmet; I wish you all the best.





dieforu says:
thanks so much foir everything Marit!ur an angel,and hope u come to visit us in my hometown!:-)ur always welcome:-)
Posted on: Apr 03, 2009
hummingbird50 says:
Awww Marit I wish you could have gone...but you did get to see him and wish him well.....what a great blog.
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
Sunflower300 says:
Oh, I'm sorry you can't make it. What a shame.
Posted on: Feb 07, 2009
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Love is in the air.
Love is in the air.
Mehmet arriving Trondheim
Mehmet arriving Trondheim
A big hug to Mehmet
A big hug to Mehmet
Our mini meet up in Trondheim. Mil…
Our mini meet up in Trondheim. Mi…
Mehmet is leaving Trondheim
Mehmet is leaving Trondheim
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