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<h6>(if this page is slow loading for you.. it&#39;s cause these images are not cropped they are the high res pictures.. that&#39;s at least 50-100 mb worth.. 2-4 minutes decent broadband)&nbsp;</h6><p>So on the latest news from the front I sit in San Antonio waiting to repair my vehicle.. it seems for the privilege of $25 I learned today that my &quot;timing belt&quot; has lost levers/switches and thus stopped my motor for running..</p><p>&nbsp;Apparently I and a lucky few that do have a &quot;non-interference&quot; motor which means that the shafts and pulley&rsquo;s and horses :) inside there don&#39;t collide and cause a very expensive likely not worth unfixable mess.. </p><p>So hopefully boys and campers.. and I mean specifically Louise who this entry goes out to with much care and thought.. (she reads the site ;) )</p><p><strong>So what else is new?</strong><br />(well the site is not updated much that&#39;s for damn sure!)</p><p>For my 2 or so days of vacation at dallas I managed to a decent amount..</p><p>- I let a weird traveler named &quot;todd&quot; drive me almost all the way to dallas.. owe and he paid too.. $80 for the privilege.. (<a href="here'>http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009/DSC_0137.JPG">here is my nice photo of him.. not auto-rotated for your viewing pleasure.. to angie in case they found my dead body burried in the desert with the last seen guy</a>)<br /><a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0144.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0144.JPG" alt=" " width="723" height="480" /></a></p><p>- I fixed my cracking and popping cv axles (ohh, yah both sides replaced by a crazy former iraq national guard civilian.. for a whopping $80)<br />&nbsp;<a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0172.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0172.JPG" alt=" " width="723" height="480" /></a></p><p>- I rode the free trolley car<br /><a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0209.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0209.JPG" alt=" " width="723" height="480" /></a></p><p>- I got thrown out of one art museum.. and paid the student fee for a 15 minute tour for another.. sweet!</p><p><a href="This'>http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0233.JPG">This picture + my Umbrella got me thrown out.. (non-auto-rotated for your viewing displeasure)</a><br /><table border="0"><tbody><tr><td><a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0257.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0257.JPG" alt=" " width="310" height="206" /></a>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;<a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0267.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0267.JPG" alt=" " width="310" height="206" /></a></td></tr></tbody></table><br /><a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0267.JPG"><br /></a></p><p>- I went to where JFK died.. and laughed in glee.. that and decided not to fork over my $$$ for &quot;no photo&quot; dicks tourist trap</p><p><a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0297.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0297.JPG" alt=" " width="723" height="480" /></a></p><p>- I snuck into a flower garden and snapped dozens of flowery and non-flowery photo&#39;s..</p><p><table border="0"><tbody><tr><td>&nbsp;<a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0514.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0514.JPG" alt=" " width="310" height="206" /></a></td><td>&nbsp;<a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0531.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0531.JPG" alt=" " width="310" height="206" /></a></td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;<a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0541.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0541.JPG" alt=" " width="310" height="206" /></a></td><td>&nbsp;<a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0548.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0548.JPG" alt=" " width="310" height="206" /></a></td></tr></tbody></table><a href="

http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0541.JPG"></a></p><p>- I went to rodeo town and chatted it up with a real texan.. and took nice photos of bulls and girls..</p><p><table border="0"><tbody><tr><td>&nbsp;<a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0607.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0607.JPG" alt=" " width="310" height="206" /></a></td><td>&nbsp;<a href="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0615.JPG"><img src="http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0615.JPG" alt=" " width="310" height="206" /></a></td></tr></tbody></table><a href="

Did'>http://kilbournefamily.com/Family/2009/03-02-2009%20-%2003-06-2009/DSC_0615.JPG"></a></p><p>Did I mention I drove to San Antonio.. and broke down before site seeing?</p><p>Ohh.. P.S. In other family news.. angie may join me once or twice on the road if she makes up her mind for the 16th venue.. </p><p>&nbsp;<strong>What have I learned?</strong><br />- I&#39;ve learned don&#39;t put gas in a used gan can soaking with paint brushes.. <br />- I&#39;ve learned there is fajita&#39;s out there are okay or decent..<br />- I&#39;ve learned that flower parks are kind of boring.. but I like the kid&rsquo;s storybook elements and the kids themselves..<br />- I&#39;ve learned that if you die as president.. they&#39;ll make you into a true tourist attraction.. *good for the economy*<br />- I&#39;ve learned that &quot;timing belt&#39;s&quot; don&#39;t last forever<br />- I&#39;ve learned that I create everywhere.. 3 or more broken lights, 2 free items.. cooler and $6 from napa which turned into gear oil.. 1 free tow</p><p><strong>Editors Note:</strong> <em>So the pictures should be uploaded first then tell the story.. fucknuts.. I will fill in pic&#39;s in 12 hours (assumed upload time)</em></p><p><strong>Okay there up... 03-11-2009</strong> (incidently so is most of the pictures to this point)</p><p>I would tell another story just for louise.. but truth be told.. it&#39;s 4 a.m. and I should finally go to sleep to be awakened by motel6 management.. </p><p><strong>Why did this take so long to get up?</strong></p><p>Intresting story my <strong>EVDO</strong> disconnected multiple times during the upload.. only now borrowing some hotels internet have I managed to upload 5+ Gb of mainly pic&#39;s.. (nice 1.25 mbit speed.. t1?) </p><p><em><strong>Next time..</strong></em> I will upload select photo&#39;s early.. if using EVDO</p>

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photo by: chiyeh