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I'm having a pensive moment (don't all panic!).

I wonder how people who don't travel feel? I wonder if they ever think that there might be a world out there worth exploring. I have recently come to understand how easy it is to nestle into the most unlikliest of places. How could I have imagined that I would so easily fall into the routines and small pleasures of small-town life in South Western Australia. This is really the last place I thought I'd end up! (Bar America - which I have also revised my somewhat unfounded opinions of, thanks to a close friend travelling there at the moment). I really do enjoy my life - the beach, the people, the generally satisfactory winter weather, my really great job! It's very easy to see how people get comfortable. There must be two types of people, the nesters and the nomads... I know that right now I am firmly in the latter category, but will that change? Will I ever want to nest?

I have also been wondering if other people get that feeling of immense dissatisfaction that sometimes overwhelms me! Of course this is all very self-indulgent and you could rightly say "poor little middle-class white girl!". Forgive the indulgence.... I am talking about the very disconcerting feeling of not quite belonging. The more I travel, the more it seems I just want to go somewhere new, different! Of course, this is also a wonderful feeling, of awe and excitement about the glorious world we live in with all its quirks of nature and humanity.

I guess I have discovered the dark side of travelling. That niggling uncertainty, do I fit in at home now that I have experienced the freedom of the road? There are so many people with narrow minds and boring one-track existences (ok well, boring to me). How, now that I feel that I have been welcomed into the wonderful community of travellers, do I find a place to eventually settle? Will my feet always itch? Will my mind always be halfway around the world, somewhere far far away, no matter where I am?

Questions, questions questions!

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photo by: cimtech