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Today has been a day of reflection for me, as well as of looking ahead. I have been filling out my application forms for a year abroad through my university. I am hoping to go to a very prominent University in Europe which will remain unnamed until I know whether I will be accepted!

Many of the questions centred around why I chose that University but one particular one got me thinking. It was a standard question about hobbies and interests. However, how often do you truly think about those questions. I'm so used to (I'm embarrassed to admit) slightly exaggerating the truth about all the sports I play that I never really considered what my true interests are. The question asked about my "non-academic" interests. And I got to wondering about my real interests. What fascinates me? How often do I wonder about things? As children we are constantly asking questions, the world is a mysterious place. I feel like as I've grown older the world has lost its gloss, its mystery. I no longer question things. Sometimes I'm afraid that apathy is new pandemic of our generation. The internet makes us lazy and privatized media makes us gullible. We never question "the news" even though we know full well that all media/information services have interests and agendas.


I feel like I need to regain my naiveté. At least for a few minutes each day. And that revelation about my own apathy led me to think about travelling. This is why I love to travel, it is my true passion, my interest, my hobby. Travel allows us to experience once more that wide-eyed wonder of children. Travellers are like the innocents, naive to the workings of a new country, reliant on the kindness of strangers. Sometimes that naive wonder is shattered by a negative experience, but so often our faith in the innate goodness of people is only strengthened. A complete stranger will invite you, however fleetingly and unexpectedly, into their life, their world, their home. And your awe of the world will be renewed.


Today got me thinking about the future, not just my next holiday or where I will be next Christmas or idly wishing I'd finished my degree already (so I could go travelling!). I began to wonder about the future of Kat, what will I do with myself when I finally DO finish university? I've spent so long living in the present- not a bad thing at all to be fair, I don't want to dream my life away- that perhaps I have forgotten what it's like to have aspirations, dreams, goals. I think they are vital to motivate people, if you do not dare to dream, you cannot possibly realise it.


I have also been thinking about personal journeys. The mind is just as fascinating and mysterious, if not more so, than any exotic location. People have spent centuries trying to understand themselves, to lose and find their minds. I have been doing a lot of self-examination lately. Personal growth has become very important to me. I don't feel inadequate per se, I just feel like there are aspects of my personality, my mind, my emotions that are undeveloped. I feel like I'm still discovering who I am, and shaping her into a person I can be proud of. Recently I have been reading a book about "unlocking your irresistibility". As with all self-help books, it can be a little vapid at times. However, some nuggets of wisdom have emerged from the babble about how sensual, beautiful and wonderful I am (I already know that! :P). The author advises that we accept what is. Very Buddhist of her. Look at reality objectively, don't try to deny the truth of now. Denial only leads to anger, frustration, sadness and negativity. ("The path to the Dark Side that is!")


I have been trying to observe my reality, without judging myself. The past few days I feel like it's working. I hope that I will have the wisdom to make the positive changes in my life that I long for. All I need to do is dream.


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