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The yolky yellow center of a properly fried egg sunny side up is like an otherwordly portal, a humpy, fluid-filled gelatinous jiggler with an outer film strong enough to require effort to penetrate. At Friday's breakfast -- fried eggs and tortillas made from maìz negro, what we call "blue corn" -- I watched (with a tingle of apprehension) Melani's probing, ketchup-dabbed fingertip attempting to breach the exterior skin and spill the runny yellow soul over her plate. And in the process maybe, just maybe, accidentally unleashing dimension-jumping supervillians. But the sunny hump just bulged this way and that, each poke and prod distorting the dome, seamlessly reshaping the yellow mound until the pressure alleviated and the yolk melted back into a perfect dome. It was strangely exciting, and at least the second time this trip I've anticipated the sudden manifestation of General Trag...or worse.

And recently, accompanying our broccoli fried in egg (another simple but delicious creation from the kitchens of shoppers bound to local markets, not Wal-Marts), what did we sip for dinner? According to four-year-old Mariori, mugs full of Tè de Maricón, a declaration that sprayed hot Tè de Pericón out many nostrils.

Emperador® galletas, all varieties, reign supreme. Not only do they best all cream sandwich cookie competitors in taste, but in price as well, and the second listed ingredient in Azùcar. As in Pure Cane Sugar. Good luck finding packaged products made with sugar stateside.

And last night I dined upon a Middle-Eastern tasting delicacy, another unforgettable creation from the limited pantry: fried patties mixing beef, egg, herbs (including mint), and chopped vegetables (including, at least, onion and tomato). A fried and spiced super burger. Incredibly flavorful. Thus Mama Meli's name for the creation is something of a letdown: "Torta de Carne." That's right, "meat sandwich." As in slap a patty between tortillas and dig in! I guess sublimity defies naming.
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