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I wrote series of Memoir during my short stay in Macau.  It was ladden with heavy emotions and melodrama.  This time i wanted to write about the lighther side of Macau.  I wanted to tell about my observations that shaped my days of this tiny country.  I was boarding  via Tiger Airways in Clark International Airport.  My flight was 3:00 in the afternoon and i was expected to arrive in Macau at 5PM.  I have mixed emotion then, considering its my first International Flight.  I choose a Window side seat for me to get a glimpse beyond the Philippine skies.  I arrived in the airport around 5Pm.  The weather's still  cold but i didn't put on my sweater because i wanted to savor the moment.  I was amazed when i saw the magnificient skyline of Macau.  It reinforced my prior knowledge that Macau is rich country.

At that very night, we went to the Senado Square and St. Paul CHurch ruins.  I saw many Filipinos there as well as other tourists - mostly Japs, Korean, and Mainland Chinese.  Because of the tinyness of Macau, tourists flock in the same venue.  It appeared that hundreds of tourists are fyling in in Macau everyday.

I lived in Fai Kok St on the outer skirts of  the city.  The streets in my place were still coobled which gave me a  feeling that i am staying in Europe.  I immediately hitted the streets outside out flat.  I shop for ssome clothes in the Lapsapan or ukay-ukay.  I had a good laugh when i tried to haggle for the prices.

We visited several casinos in Macau.  In fact, i applied for mebership to 6 hotels and Casino - Wynn, Lisboa, Sands, Emperor, Crown and StarWorld. Every casino had its own style and granduer.  Grand Lisboa for example was like a golden palace.  Its halls, walls and accessories were all made in gold.  I was especially awed with the chandeliers and the swarovski  cystals that adored the ceiling.  Wynn HOtel was also very  elegant.  The decorations, accents, lightings and chandeliers exude class and sophistication.  But what i loved most was watching the Dancing Fountain in the Wynn Esplanade.  Once in every 15 minutes, the fountain will danced according to the music being played.  My favorite was "I am a Hero" tune.

In Macau i also ate thier Kimchi and topping and duck. I never ate ducks in the Philippines becasue to me its dirty, however since i am in Macau i tried to live according to their culture.  But, my favorite was still McDo as replacement of Jollibee. I also consider the local cute boys as Eye Candies.

I also tried to  thier cable car though the ride only lasted for 3 minutes but i enjoyed it.  I got to see the entire slyline of Macau.  Most of the country's residences were skyhigh - though most of them are quiete aged.  I never missed a ride around Macau using their transport system. In there, i met several Fipinos and conversed with some locals.

What i missed most in Macau were:  The cold weather, Senado Square,  well-manicured parks and the Dancing Fountain of Wynn Hotel and Casino.

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