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After spending some time at Betafo, we went to the famous Lake Tritriva. According to some literature guides it is a tourist-attractive place. However, Bradt warned us that we were not going to be alone. And that was true. We just wanted to wander a little bit in the area but, again, we gained a welcome committee, one goldy oldy and more than 10 children. No, no, we don't want a guide, we just want to be alone. They were just pursueing us and finally we agreed. Wrong decision.

A part of the group; granddad and some 6 kids accompanied us along the lake. At the beginning they did some little guidance. But we missed the silence and time to really enjoy it. After some 15 minutes the first ones were a little bit pushy at selling us things. The more the walk continued the guidance was dropped and they all told sad stories about gaining some money for education. It was really persisting and the stuff was not our thing. So, it became finally annoying. At the end of everything, I gave grandpa some money and Sabine some girl for the guidance. We fleed back into the car and were confused and overwhelmed of it all. Maybe it just us, but we will not recommend this site to any of you, because it is just a ripe-off of a beggars gathering and you can not have pleasure while to try to experience the beautiful area. We did not know how to talk about with Ny and so we went on into silence to the second lake.

lauro says:
i do not have anything wrong for the underprivelege people in the underpriveleged countries - but sometimes - that is too much :(
Posted on: Oct 30, 2009
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Nephila madagascariensis
Nephila madagascariensis
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