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What is the advantage and disadvantage of being naive and a poor understanding of French? Otherwise, the English of Mad'arbres was not clear enough to let us realize what to expect (but this is no blame to them). It was going to be a big surprise what this canopy tour should be. Excitement for the unknown. At 14:00u. we had the meeting and we had to pay in forward. Aha, this was not going to an easy thing. And it was not.

There were 3 activities. The first was some kind of glide between the trees, the second would be a sort of little bungee and the third was the 'tour' itself. The first two were held in a area nearby the road where the forest was turned into a practise setting. The latter would be in the reserve itself. Sabine wanted to try first, but the poor ladder of rope limited her to get higher.

It did not work, so the turn went to me. It was indeed some though labour to get some 15 metres high in the 'starting tree'. The glide was a little fall and it did released some adrenaline. At least it was enough to skip the second activity. The 'tour' was just climbing a tree with a security rope. When I reched the top of the tree (20 metres or so) the view was nice, but not more different than a view from a hill in Mantadia Park. Anyhow, memories of climbing trees as a kid is always a good feeling. That was it. Sabine tried it once more and she reached some 8 metres.  We were ready, much to early. But for us, it was enough. Physically it was quite heavy and mentally we were not prepared enough. Did not matter, it is a good thing these activities are organized and we hope with our participation they can continue doing it.

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photo by: eefab