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Woke up as normal at 6.45 and Donna went through all the morning feeds with me and the new girl Jess. James went off and did other things. We had a general clear up of the bowls making sure all the water and feed bowls were clean. Had our break and was sent to water the plants outside our house and also clean the public toilets which wasn't fun especially the green ants lurking under the toilet seat! Certainly looked at the toilets in a different way after cleaning them. Didn't fancy the idea of an ant coming to bite me in the ar*e. They had an underground sewage system and considering it was festering underground, there was not a smell like you would expect! Raked the front lawn as my last job before lunch.

Was going to do the night feeds but was told that they wanted to do them so I ended up going into town with Gill and James. I wanted to see if my stupid poxy card was going to work. Jess ended up staying behind and doing the night feeds on her own. Tried the ATM and my card worked! WOO HOO!!! Then went to the post office and sure enough my card arrived as well!! Two good things happening - not a bad afternoon! All I had to do was wait for the pin to come through. The first available opportunity of being able to spend money and what do I spend it on - junk food! When I got back out to the truck, they were all standing outside having a few 'tinnies. It seemed to be the norm to stand in the car park catching up with the locals from the town.

I ended up buying a couple of Smirnoff Ice in a can and feeling quite merry, well it had been over a week since my last alcoholic drink. Was not the biggest drinker at the best of times! Went on to the bakery and also to get some fruit and veg. We were left to our own devices for dinner and were left with a cooked lasagne. I'd eaten so much crap when we were in town that when it came to dinner I wasn't hungry but ended up eating some of it anyway. Spoke to dad tonight as well which always gets the tears flowing. Chatted to Jay a bit over text as the plans to go back to Cairns were starting to come together. Ended up falling asleep about 8.45!

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photo by: tropiksun