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Was up for 6.45 and had a bit of breakfast. Went over for the morning feeds and was shown how to do the Kookaburras which involves changing the seeds and water. Also did the small birds which was the same thing. The Kookaburras had all been hand reared. Also had to wash down the central aviary as this is where the public were able to walk through to see all the birds. They had all sorts through here, including some ducks. We had to wash all the poo away from the ground and railings. Think I took a bit longer than I should because when I do something I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist so want it to be done properly.

After all the animal chores were done, we got given the options of dusting, ironing or hoovering. I took the ironing option which wasn't actually too bad until I saw the pile of t-shirts that I had to iron. But it was better than cleaning the cages like we did for a couple of days. Hadn't quite got it all done by tea so finished off after the break and then ended up helping Gill with some internet stuff.

Was feeling a bit ropy today and felt like I was coming down with a cold so didn't have a swim today and ended up chatting to Amanda for a bit and then we decided to head into Mossman which was the nearest town with Gill. Amanda wanted to do some internet stuff and had some other errands to run. Amanda and I sat in the front of the truck with Gill and Nico and Vincent were in the back. Dropped Amanda off and then we went to the post office. Nico and Vincent wondered off so Gill and I went to the hardware store and then popped into Woolie's. I bought some bits and pieces and when I got to the till I had an embarrasing moment where my card was declined! Don't you just hate that when you are standing in a queue and that happens. Thankfully I had the cash so the curse of Halifax strikes again! Rung them to find that my direct debit for my savings was still active so I was £1000 short! Got it sorted thank god!

Went to pick up the others, it was a good 20 minutes drive away and the town Mossman honestly reminded me of something out of a Western film. When we got back there were 2 pigs just lying on the entrance to the zoo. They were for the crocodiles. Thankfully I didn't have to move them, Gill got the guys Nico and Vincent to move them. Tory and Lars had done the evening feeds as we had got in quite late. Amanda had made the decision to leave the zoo early. They like people to stay for 2 weeks minimum and I think Amanda was leaving short of her 2nd week. I know why they do it as it takes quite a while to train people. I did want to go as I just didn't really gell with the people I was with. Amanda wanted to leave on Sunday and after chatting to Jay again who suggested heading down the east coast down to Brisbane with him so I wanted to go as well. I was only in my first week so felt really bad. I still had to wait as I'd ordered a new bank card which I was getting delivered to the zoo so I had to stay.

Spoke to mum and dad tonight which was nice, they were a bit worried about my money situation as they'd seen my bank statements. Dad, bless him offered to put £1000 into my bank which I said there wasn't any need as I'd sorted it. We all had a bit of wine with our dinner tonight which was a nice change and Tory and Lars who seemed the most sensible people even joined in. I went straight to my bedroom as I just wanted to get my head down as I was trying to figure out what to do next. But after not even a hello from anyone just went back to my room and went to sleep!

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photo by: tropiksun