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Another boat ride to Koh Phi Pi and it was nice to be going back there to see how it has changed.

On arrival to the island it looked so different, I have my pictures from all that time ago and everything was so different. When I pulled up before on the boat and you walked down the pier it was just a sandy track that went left into the trees and further down to some bungalows where we stayed. Can remember them so well, it was like a horse shoe of bungalows and they had hammocks on the balconies. In the mornings we would have the monkeys that would come and look through the bins. At one point one actually came into our room and pinched a can of fanta! Still have the picture of the monkey actually drinking out of the can! Then to the left of the pier was the town and there was a lovely little bar where we went one evening and it was just quiet.

I remember the walk round the town and you would go past bars that were showing films throughout the evening.

This time round was a very different story! You got to the pier and it was a haze of tourist operators all trying to sell the accommodation for the island. The prices had gone up considerably as well. To look down like I did before from the pier all you could see was shops, internet places and restaurants. I know this was one of the islands that was badly affected by the tsunami so it was a shame to see it to have become so commercialised. It didn’t have the same beauty that it did before. Still a lovely island but where as before I was quite happy to stay a week or more now it was a case that 2 days was enough to have a night out and then do the tour of the island and that was enough.

We managed to find some relatively cheap accommodation which was quite a walk from the town but I guess for the price you kind of expect that. We did have a guy take our bags on a little trolley which he carried through town and we finally got to our place. It was up a long flight of stone stairs and then up 2 further flights of stairs. It had railings like scaffolding poles and you had to be careful where you put your hands as there were green ants everywhere. The rooms were very basic but all next to each other. The floors felt paper thin and the bed wasn’t overly comfortable but we had a TV and a fan.

We decided to go out for the evening just to give it a chance. It was still a lovely town and I recall buying a dress in the day to wear that night.

We started in a bar where you could actually play fight with your friend or whoever in order to get a drink! Certainly a different place to how I remember. The opening drink was a bucket of drink so we stayed for one drink and then moved on. We walked down towards the beach and found a nice bar where you could actually sit on the beach so we enjoyed a couple of cocktails and Lucy and I decided to go on a tour of the island the following day as we were quite happy to leave after that. We booked the tour through one of the agents and it was all booked for the following day. We found an Irish bar and went for a drink and ended up chatting to some guys but after that it was a case that we were bored already so ended up going and buying a drink from one of the stands on the street and drinking it outside all the bars! I do recall getting quite drunk as we couldn’t remember how to get home! I just remember it being a long walk back!

The boat trip the following day was lovely, got to see Monkey Island and also back to see where the Beach was filmed. My photos do it more justice and tell more of a story than I can. Went to an amazing island where the water was just crystal clear. We kept having to take pictures to prove that we were there. The monkeys on their island were real aggressive little buggers, I did manage to get a couple of shots of one monkey chilling out on a rock but the others if you got too close they would actually almost come after you! When we got to the beach where the ‘Beach’ was filmed it was again so different. You pulled up and there was a big blue bridge that people could walk down to get to the island. We couldn’t actually get to the bit where the filming took place as it was up a wooden ladder and then over some rocks and the waves were really strong and it was too dangerous. Came back to the main beach and we stayed there till just before sunset. It was just so different to how I remember, it didn’t feel like preserved beauty especially as it was supposed to be a National Park. Managed to get some cracking pictures of the sunset on the way back and also get soaked in the process as the water was quite choppy and we were only in a large narrow boat.

Got back to the island feeling quite tired so found somewhere to have dinner then it was quite a relaxed evening. We went to a bar where we could free internet and booked our next part as Lucy was going home so we decided to go to Phuket and stay near to the airport the following day and I would get a flight to Singapore and then go to Bali. This is where Jo and I parted company, from Phuket she decided to go to Patong and we went to quite a nice place which was a 2 minute free shuttle to the airport. I had to leave quite early the following morning so didn’t really want a trek to get to the airport. So that was Koh Phi Pi – surprising how much I remembered without the diary to guide me along!

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