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Woke up at 6.45 as normal, for some reason couldn't stomach any breakfast today! It was only me and Amanda doing the feeds today as Lars and Tory were leaving after receiving their package or stuff for the next part of their trip. I fed the Kookaburra's and the 4 cages on my own while Amanda did the others. Empties all the seeds for the birds and refilled them, the birds were as noisy as ever. In the morning break I told Donna that I wanted to leave also which didn't go down too well. I think if it was a mix of different people I would have been fine but the dynamics were very established when I got there and found it very hard to fit in as much as I tried to get on with Amanda.

When we had a break we were told the Nico and Vincent would be leaving today which was not expected. After the break we finished off replacing the seeds and then did a bit of raking over by the outside bird aviaries. There was one funny bird when I was doing the raking which basically looked like a mini parrot but he kept bobbing his head up and down like he was doing a little dance then when ever I would come past the cage he would do the exact same thing. Right little show off but equally very funny! While I was raking, I got quite close to a bush and felt a sharp stabbing pain and appeared to have got stung by one BIG wasp! Now being in a country where I don't quite know what is poisonous and what isn't got a bit worried as got a big lump on my stomach and very painful. Got told it would go down eventually - thank god!

We finished up at 12.30 as we'd be doing the evening feeds. When we took the keys back we were told that there was room on the bus for one more person. I was a bit stuffed as my card hadn't arrived so there wasn't much I could do. I knew how much Amanda wanted to go so she took the place. There was a new couple that arrived today as well who I didn't get introduced to till dinner. Amanda and I went back to the house and her, Nico and Vincent all started talking about where they would head off to next. It made me want to do it but I think I would have got annoyed with the guys. They decided on Bali so it was another adventure for them.

Amanda went to get the keys for evening feeds as she had to show me what to do. Thankfully when it came to it Donna showed me and the new people what to do. It involved alot of dead chicks for the birds and the lizards and a tray of fruit for one of the larger birds. Amanda, Nico and Vincent left about 4 and we all said goodbye. Went back to the house after the evening feeds and chilled for a while before dinner. We had a big steak and chips for dinner and a glass of wine. The couple seemed nice enough but the guy just seemed like an even more annoying version of Lloyd Grossman. This sounds quite harsh and I dread to think what they thought of me. Checked my emails after dinner and then went over and practically went straight to bed as all they wanted to do was watch rubbish on TV. So another early night for me! One plus side for Amanda going was that I actually got the double mattress which was so much better as I kept falling between the 2 single mattresses and I got a room to myself for a change.

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photo by: tropiksun