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Wanted to do a brief summary of Australia as this was a big part of my last trip and I wanted to share some of my photos.

I started in Cairns and ended up meeting an awesome travel companion called Jay and we got on like a house on fire. Stayed in Cairns for a few days before heading up to Daintree Zoo to go and help there through a great thing called HelpX where you work in return for your food and accomodation. Stayed there for 2 weeks and had an amazing time.

Came back to Cairns and met up with Jay and we ended up travelling down to do the Whitsundays and Fraser Island trip from Hervey Bay and Airlie Beach. Two of the most amazing trips. Got to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef and swim with Travellis and also drive a 4x4 down a beach. May end up writing this all up from my diary.

Went to Brisbane after the adventure trips and ended up staying with a family for 2 months looking after their 7 horses. I was right out in the sticks and even bought myself a car - biggest mistake I made. Won't be doing that again! Lost so much money when I went to sell it in Sydney. Got to see a bit of Surfers Paradise at night time when I worked in a nightclub.

Finally made the break to go and head down to Sydney stopping at Byron Bay on the way down for a night, such a lovely place. Real hippy place but loved it. Saw a sunset over the beach in the evening.

Set off the following morning to go down further to Sydney, had to make one more stop and sleep in my car overnight which was actually quite scary! It's amazing how long it takes to travel anywhere in Australia.

Finally made it down to Sydney and met one of my friends who put me up for a few days. Went to see the city highlights including Darling Harbour which was awesome!

Booked flight to go to Adelaide and work at a race horse yard which lasted a few weeks before their permanent person turned up. I was just covering the position till they got there. This was definitely an experience. Racehorses are very different horses to the ones I ride! They have 2 speeds - walk and gallop. In my last week of being there I had 3 accidents. One horse bolted with me (this was nomal for the horse but not normal for me!), then was put on one of the dobbins who turned out to do a bucking bronco on me and I sprained my ankle. So the following day I decided not to risk riding as it was very painful and one of the lovely horses decided to kick me on my hip! Couldn't walk for 2 weeks and now have 2 hole scars on my hip. I'm sure the horse looked at me before he did it! The little bugger!

So from there I went back to Adelaide and booked a flight to Melbourne to see an old school friend. I stayed there for 2 weeks before making the decision to go home. Being miles away from home and in a lot of pain made the decision a bit easier. Looking back now I really wish I had stayed longer but we live and learn and I am making everything of my next trip. Ended up flying home a few days earlier before I told my folks to give them a bit of a surprise! :)

kimpigott says:
It was an amzing 4 months, really want to go back. That is really in a nutshell! There is so much more to it! :)
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011
Stigen says:
Sounds like some good months :)
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011
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