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Had yet another rubbish nights sleep so was up at 6, I'd tried to get eveything done the night before and had already said goodbye to Louise. Sleeping on the top bunk when you have to be up early the following day never bodes well as no matter how much noise you try not to make - you still do. This hostel was certainly 'different', one girl in the middle of the night ended up climbing into my bed - think she must have had too much to drink as when I woke up she was still in the same clothes so must have passed out once she found the right bed!

I went to go and get showered and when I went to brush my teeth and there was sick in the sink! Not a nice experience so ended up showering and brushing teeth in the shower. Being extra conscious that it was really early, got all my stuff out of the room and went to pack it up outside of the room. Think when I'm on my own I end up being a bit OCD and double checking everything and must have gone into the room to check I'd not forgotten anything a couple of times. There was another guy up about the same time and he'd already left by the time I got myself sorted. It was a long walk down the stairs to get out to the main street and once I got to the bottom and out the door - fell a**e over tit - did the usual check to make sure no one saw! My rucksack had wheels on which when walking long distance really came in useful. Called them my £90 wheels!

Everything seemed eerily quiet on the roads but as soon as I got to the MRT (their tube system) it was a mass of people as it must have been there rush hour as it was heaving! I only saw what appeared to be a couple of travellers. Their airport was lovely but a tad confusing, I ended up getting the sky train to terminal 2 when it should have been terminal 1. I think because I had got there so early my flight wasn't yet up on the departure board so I had to try to guess where to go. Once I got on the right train, some rude woman barged me out of the way to sit on a seat, I wasn't bothered whether I stood up or sat down was just happy to be on the right train! Karma hit her right where it hurt as she tried to push past me again when I got off the train as I rolled my £90 wheels over her foot - not on purpose of course but she did look in pain so it served her right! :-p

Got all checked in ok, I always get nervous once I get to the airport then when I get checked in that's when I can breath and relax. I was absolutely starving after not having any breakfast and when walking to the MRT there seemed to be nothing remotely edible on route. I could not find an ATM anywhere so I headed off down to the boarding gate. As I'd been dressing for heat in Thailand, Singapore was no different. It was a different type of heat not a dry heat but a muggy heat so it was a bit of a shock when I sat down in the boarding gate how cold it was. Think I must have ended up using my sarong to keep me warm at one point! Was sat right by the window and saw the plane pull up and all the luggage unloaded and then all of our luggage reloaded on to it.

Our seats got called and it wasn't a full plane so where I had been allocated an aisle seat, there was a whole empty row in front of me so moved very quickly to the window seat before anyone else nabbed it. Some guy moved to the end seat, a tennis instructor from Australia called Shane who lived in Singapore. I had no energy to talk so the fact he had no conversational skills whatsoever worked in my favour. Kept falling asleep but really wasn't very comfortable.

It wasn't a very long flight and it was very daunting as when we were told by the crew that we were coming into land, we seemed to be circling water for what seemed like ages. I couldn't see where there was land but finally circled round to land and touched down.

It was a bit of a nightmare getting through passport control as you had to pay 300,000.00 to pay for the visa even just for 8 days and they could see I was heading back out. I had to go to the ATM to get money so they held on to my passport and even my bag got checked to actually get to the ATM. Guess it was good they had all the security, just quite scary when you are on your own in a new place.

Actually thought I had arranged for an aiport pick up but when I saw no one holding a card with my name as I got through arrivals I thought I can't have arranged it properly. Walked out to a tourist information office and was just hit by a gust of warm air as I walked out to the front of the airport. Some taxi driver tried to offer me a taxi ride for 90,000.00 but went to the main office and got charged 55,000 so was very glad to go the main taxi/tourist office.

The concept of money here was very bizarre, it sounds like you have loads of money and at one point I was a millionaire - definitely a foreign concept to me. I was told by a local weather forecast that it was raining in Bali so when I got there and it was really hot I was pleasantly surprised.

The taxi driver took me to his car and we drove to the hotel, we seemed to go down so many side streets and it was a haze of taxis and motorbikes again which was very common in Thailand. All I knew was that the taxi driver knew the name of the hotel so whichever way we went there so long as we got there. It did make me wonder whether we would get to the right place when he questioned the name of the place so I just had to hope for the best.

Got shown to my room whch had a massive bed, AC and a fridge. Couldn't ask for more than that - that was luxury in comparison to Singapore and Thailand. I really didn't fancy going out (one of the joys of being on my own at last!) so I decided to have a sleep till 5. Had to do a bit of washing as I was starting to run out of clean things, even had to wear bikini bottoms to go out! I decided to go out for a walk and see what the main town had to offer seeing as I was in the heart of the town.

I found a seafood restaurant and had a nice little dish, they were known for their seafood here as well. I was told by the guy at the restaurant that nothing really kicked off till about 10.30 so walked to a local shop to buy some shampoo and suncream. Walked down some of the side streets and found a guy called Harry that said he could fix my watch. So I left him with it and 50,000.00 which looking back was probably not the wisest thing I've done and just hoped that I would get it back as I felt lost without my watch.

On the way back I decided to stop at a bar - thought why the hell not stop and have a quick drink. The bar lady was really nice and said she would buy me a drink if I hadn't found someone to talk to by the end of the night. Sure enough she was right! I ended up talking to some guys from Brazil who ended up showing me to a night club where they had these huge fishbowls and vases of cocktails! Granted most of it was ice so there probably actually wasn't much drink in it! Ended up doing some podium dancing on my own with some of the locals and was just having such a good time. The guys ended up wondering off and ended up chatting to some guys from Australia who were there on a stag do!

A good night all round and actually can't remember what time I rolled in! Oops he he ;o)

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