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Ok well I managed to get up at 8.30 I actually don't know how I did. Bid farewell to the guys at breakfast, we were a bit late checking out but we still managed it. We had a bit of a trek to go and get the taxi. We made a decision to move over to Sairee Beach on the other side of the island as it had a bit of life to it and it had the added bonus of being close to a new group of friends that I seemed to have a bit more of a connection with. The taxi had to take 4 of us so we had to get into the back of a pick up truck.

We actually hadn't arranged any accomodation which I know as a traveller is a common thing but we had to walk up and down the street a few times in order to find something. We found what seemed to be a relatively nice place and I was quite happy to stay but after Liat and Shir (the guy we travelled with too) they found cockroaches in their room so we decided to try and find something else. Not sure we actually paid a night, think we did a bit of a naughty because as soon as we found a place that seemed better we just upped and left. Note to self do a bit more research before moving to a new place. I stayed in the room while they alll went off to find a place and they came back and said they'd found a place at the end of the beach. I did actually have my first moment of home sickness and did have a little cry which didn't bode well but I think it was also the company as they were all nice but I just missed having my own space.

We collected all of our belongings, I even had a bit of a clear out in my bag to attempt to make it lighter. You definitely learn as a traveller that you don't need everything you set out with. We had a long walk along the beach which even with all of our bags wasn't too bad! It was up a long flight of stairs outside but we had 2 bungalows between us and it was definitely worth the wait. We had such a nice section of the beach which hardly had any people there and a few nice hotels close by. My pictures portray it a lot better than I am.

Arranged to meet up with Rachel in the evening for a meal which was a really nice way to end what was a bit of a rollercoaster of a day. Actually had a bit of comfort food and ordered myself a ma-hoosive pizza and chips! Eyes always bigger than my belly. Went down to a little bar called the Office Bar and the buckets started flowing....!! One of the funny parts of the evening was when one of the guys went into the shop opposite the Office Bar and proceeded to try on a bikini! Really wish I had got photographic evidence of that! Or maybe I did - just need to go through my photos! :) Walked into town with buckets in hand, it was a top night chatting to loads of new people - nearly got persuaded to go scuba diving but money was an issue and I think I was a little bit scared as well! Went for a swim in the sea at the end of the night and ended up walking along the beach to get back. Should have remembered about the tide coming in as was walking back knee deep in the sea. Kept my camera in my mouth but completely forgot about my phone - little bit fooked! Another 5 roll in - so tired!!

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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea