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Ok I have to try and summarise the next few parts of the trip as my diary ends until I arrived in Phuket so I have to try and fill in the gaps.

So the next part starts on the way to Koh Samui. Jo and I were up relatively early to make sure everything was packed. We didn't have time to get breakfast so we stopped at the shop to get some snacks for the journey. We were picked up promptly by our transfer man to the ferry port. There was a bit of hassle when we left as the lady who was on reception realised that there were 3 in the room as opposed to the 2 there should be! We managed to get away with the taxi driver, however once we got to the ferry port we were texted by Liat to say that she had to pay which I felt bad as me and her were rightfully there! So we got to the ferry port and it was quite a miserable day so it seemed like a good day to leave.

The journey there was not the easiest as there was a storm on the way. We had to stop at Koh Pha Nagn on route to Samui. Quite a lot of people were stopping there but when we pulled up it just didn't really look like a nice place to stop. I don't recall much about the previous journeys into the island but this time it just seemed so different. I know there was 10 years inbetween. On the first boat we were all given stickers dependant on whether we were going to Samui or Pha Nagn. On the 2nd boat trip we ended up going through a storm and I got some brief pictures but it was just like there was no separation between the sea and the sky - it was all just grey!

We got to the port and we were greeted with our transfer driver who too us to Lamai and to Lamai Chalets. It was very quiet and hadn't changed at all. Two of the same guys were there that were there all that time ago. We stayed together in this little white stone bungalow which had a fan in. We ended up collapsing for a short time as we got there in the afternoon earliesh. We took a walk down to the beach, weather wasn't great today so I took what photos I could. Had a nice bit of dinner and sat round the table with the original guys who were all really nice and welcoming. We decided only to stay a night before heading into Lamai town the following day. Found a nice little bungalow that we could share, it even had air conditioning. We actually had an evening out and went to a bar that played pool. The guys that ran the bar were also English so felt quite at home. I think we ended up spending a couple of nights here before going off to Chaweng after a couple of days.

We found ourselves quite a nice modern little bungalow and it was quite reasonable. When we were there we were there for the Thai New Year - which is basically a ma-hoosive water fight! People would be on the back of 4x4's with massive buckets of water and they would have water guns and all sorts and just throwing water on every passer by! It was quite amusing. They also had this scented flour which they would throw as well so by the end of walking down the street you would look a bit of a mess if you actually managed to miss the onslaught.

I remember walking down to the main strip in Chaweng and going to pick up my nice and clean laundry - well lets just say when it got home it was a little wet! Went back to the bungalow to dry off. We ventured into town for the evening and as Jo wanted to go home after dinner I decided to take a walk into town. By the time I got back Jo was in bed writing her journal also. A relatively early night considering.

The following night I decided to brave the town once more as we were deciding to head off the next day to Krabi. The Song-Kran hadn't got into full force yet so a quiet walk down the high street turned into getting soaked before I'd even hit the shops! I walked right to the end where all the clubs were and there on the street corner was a group of people pouring water on all the poor people in taxis. My theory on it all seeing as I was wet - thought if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! So it was quite fun in the soaking of other people - slightly mean I do admit! It was a top way to end the time in Koh Samui though!

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Koh Samui
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