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The start of the ride along the beach

It was a relatively laid back morning as I wasn't horse riding till the afternoon so we could watch the sunset while on the horses. I went down for breakfast and there was a swiss guy and we chatted briefly. I couldn't really plan to do anything else as I was being picked up by the people from the horse riding place. I watched a bit of TV in my room and sorted out a few bits and pieces. I wasn't really equipped for horse riding when I came out on this trip as lugging all my gear around Thailand would have been very heavy so was going to wait till I got to Australia for it all to be sent out there. So my riding attire consisted of combat trousers, trainers and my bikini top (it was a really hot day!).

The guy was already waiting for me when I came down from the room.

He spoke very little English but did try chatting to me. I had no idea where we were going and the journey seemed to go for ages. We picked up 2 Australians on the way and it was a mother and daughter. We got to the stables about 3. It was a very nice way to see a bit of Bali and go through the non touristy parts. The people from Oz hadn't paid so they went off separately so I went off with my guide early after they fitted me with a riding hat which really was so fetching! You'll see from the pictures! They put me on a mare called Sabrina, who was an ex racehorse and she was a typical mare - moody even to pat. My guide took my camera from me and was taking pictures all the way through out the ride.

The Australian's were taking their time as I'm not sure they had ridden much before. We walked down to the beach and the guide showed me a few of the sites on the way. As we got to the end of the beach he said I should go back to the beginning of the beach and trot back to him and he would take a video. The horse was a tad un-coperative at times so making her go away from the other horse was a bit tricky but we got there in the end and trotted all the way down. The guide said I should then go back further and have a canter down, well Sabrina had other ideas and decided to go full pelt down towards the others. She defnitely had an element of racehorse about her! That certainly got the adrenalin going, the only way to stop her was the fact I had to go into a little cove where all the other horses were and then there was a big rock so it was either stop or there would have been quite a mess! We got off for a little rest and took some photos of this little cave where the horses were resting and it was filled with bats and then on to a view point where I got some nice photos.

We got back on the horses to get back and went back a different way which took us through a river and I've never ridden through water other than puddles! Took a plod back through some villages so it was nice to see evverything by horse back. When we got back we all sat round the table and had a drink and we all spoke about what we were doing in Bali etc. They even gave me a contact for Western Australia at a vets so it was really worth while going. We drove back and I was feeling absolutely shattered and had bruises on my calf muscles - there is a reason horse riders wear jodhpurs so that we don't get bruised legs! May take a pair regardless when I go on my next trip - just in case.

I had no energy for anything by the time I got back to the hotel so I just went to the local bar with my laptop and just relaxed for the evening.

kimpigott says:
Thanks very much! Hopefully get to do some more horse riding when I go away next time! :)
Posted on: Jun 25, 2011
b33tlejuice says:
Love the pics in this album!
Posted on: Jun 24, 2011
marksreynolds says:
Hahaha, ok :D
Posted on: Mar 28, 2011
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The start of the ride along the be…
The start of the ride along the b…
The cave of bats
The cave of bats
Random cow on the view point
Random cow on the view point
Sabrina - the moody mare and also …
Sabrina - the moody mare and also…
The walk back through the villages
The walk back through the villages
photo by: eddie8498