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Well I finally arrived in Australia and it really did feel good to be here. I decided to take a chance and follow Jay to his hostel as I didn't have anything booked. Still couldn't get money out so Halifax were seriously going to get some ar*e kicking when I could get through to them at my expense obviously!! Thankfully before I went away a couple of the locals from the village gave me $40 so I managed to use that for the shuttle to get me to the hostel. Jays hostel was Tropic Days and unfortunately they were full but they managed to get me a futon to stay on at their sister hostel - Travellers Oasis. They even arranged a shuttle to come and get me as well! While I was waiting I chilled out for all of about 10 minutes before going to Jays room so that I could sort out my bank etc! Dad had text me 3 times to say that Halifax had called, finally got through to them! They are definitely not the easiest bank for going abroad!

I got picked up at 10.30 and got settled in my room. The place was equally as nice and they did free trips into Cairns town so I took full advantage to get myself sorted. Managed to finally get some money out, opened a new bank account so that I wasn't charged £1.50 for every time I withdrew money! Bought an Australian sim for my phone and would you believe that they had a Woolworth's there. Now we all know that in the UK they have gone to shop heaven but they are alive and kicking in Oz. They are like a little supermarket. One of the first things I bought was salt and vinegar crisps - had such a craving for them as crisps in Thailand were mainly Pringles (not a bad thing!) but never had decent flavours! I also managed to buy Nerds as well! They are like a childhood sweet! Amazing what a little bit of comfort food can do! Even though I got back quite late I decided to pay the $8 to use the internet which was a bit daft as you pay for the day so I'd already lost most of the day but needed to email people to let them know I'd arrived etc. Was nearly falling asleep though. Did manage to sort out going to work at a zoo in Daintree (north of Cairns) through the Helpx thing that I have reviewed on my profile. I was being picked up at 7.10 the following morning.

Jay turned up at about 6 and we were all chatting about travel stories etc and there were another 3 guys sat in the room I was staying in as well. We all decided to head out for the free meal that was given to us at the Woolshed in the main town. I was quite glad to get some chips as the meal wasn't great! We decided to try and make our drinks last as it was buy one get one free so we took full advantage! I was running out of money as I tried to give myself a budget for the evening. We decided to move on after the happy hour and walked around for what seemed like ages before deciding to head to Gilligans which at $15 to get in which Jay kindly offered to pay for me I think was a bit steep. We couldn't get in anyway as we had to have proof of age - now at 27 that was quite a compliment! Jay didn't have any ID with him either so it worked out quite well and I really didn't want to stay out later as I had to be up really early! Checked my emails briefly when I got back, got my stuff packed and then went to bed about 1.

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