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Was surprisingly up at 5.30, not quite sure how. Got myself ready for the dolphins. Wasn't quite sure what to take with me but thought myself, the camera and a bit of cash to pay for the trip. Did have a little bit of a panic when the camera decided to stop working. Without my camera, it was like losing my right arm! Thankfully got it going again though.

Koko arrived at 6.15 to pick me up and we stopped at Hendra's and Oliver's room to collect them as well. I heard Oliver still shouting some abuse when we walked past so that just re confirmed my decision about staying. To even think I was considering going back to Kuta with them.

When we got down to the beach, Suzi was there and was so glad to see a friendly face as I could see that Koko was feeling a bit awkward having an abusive man on his boat. Didn't really paint a good impression for him. Think people could see that it was just Oliver though as Koko kept quiet the whole time. Oliver was still being very abusive even to the tourists on the other boats when he was trying to take photos.

Was a little bit worried that I would get a bit funny being so close to the water with the boats they used for these boats. From the pictures you will see what I mean. But I was fine - just shame about the company!! Got some really good videos when we got to see them. Think my camera had a bit of a delay so whenever I took the shot I always ended up missing them so thought the video was the best option.

When we got back to shore we were offered to go and do some snorkelling but a) I'd completely forgotten to bring my bikini and b) the thought of spening another minute with the said guys was just torture! As we walked back through the hotel, he made a big scene and was very confrontational in front of all the other hotel guests. I went with Hendra to pay him the money for giving us the tour and thanked him very much for his part. When I got back to the hotel I was in tears as never in my adult life have I been treated like that by the opposite sex so it really shocked me. Did snap out of the tears very quickly as I wasn't going to let someone like that ruin this part of the trip for me.

I put my iPod on and fell back to sleep to be awoken by Hendra knocking at the door. I ignored it to start as I thought it was just going to be more abuse. He just wanted to give me his email address before he left. Said he was very sorry for Oliver's behaviour. There were no words on my part, just shocked more than anything. He left after 10 minutes and I tried to get back to sleep so decided to get out by the pool and soak up some of the sun. The clouds started to come over so ended up going back to the room and saw that one of my neighbours had a lap top so I asked him where to go to get the internet. He told me about these cards you can get which allowed you to input a code and they were quite cheap. Managed to send an email back home.

Spent a few hours sorting out my stuff and packing ready for the morning. Got showered and then went to a restuarant called Kakatua. Ended up meeting two French girls who asked me to join them for dinner which was really nice. Mariann and Virada joined me at the Spice Dive Bar where I met all the others. Everyone was some what merry already so joined in with a couple of drinks but didn't go too mad as I'd got to be up early. Koko sorted out my lift to the airport. Left about 12.30 and got more stuff packed and then went to bed.

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photo by: JP-NED