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Woke up around 8.30, think Liat was catching up on sleep so we left her to sleep while we went and had some breakfast. For our first breakfast in Thailand it weren't half bad. It was more like a continental breakfast with a bit of egg and bacon thrown in. Even had a cup of tea. Nothing could quite beat a cup of PG tips though. Guess those days are long gone now!

Went back to the room and just could not decide how we were going to get down to Surrathani or Chumphon so that we could make our way to Koh Tao which was our first stop. We looked into flights, taxis, over night ferries. We decided on getting a taxi down there even though it was a 7 hour drive it was still better than an over night bus down there. That was our biggest mistake as none of the taxi drivers went that far and we spoke to numerous taxi drivers and we agreed to give a deposit. That was our biggest mistake on the beginning of our trip. All he did was take us to the Tourist Office so that we could then arrange our overnight bus down to Koh Tao. So we were all down 1000 baht! This was the same office that I had been to on my first travelling trip to Thailand so it felt a bit strange.

As we had quite a bit of time to kill before our bus, we decided to go and explore a bit and were told about a 7 floor shopping centre. I decided to buy a phone to put the sime card in that I'd bought in the UK. The shopping centre was nothing like the UK (obviously!), there were small shops all around the edge selling everything. I remember going to one of the music shops and they had trance music going on in the background which was quite funny as it reminded me of the Full Moon party I had been to first time round.

We found a litte food section to the shopping mall and found what seemed to be quite a westernised place. So Jo had a pizza and I had what I thought was quite a basic pasta dish - how wrong could I be. The amount of jalapeno peppers that were on the top made it a very hot dish. Something that I knew that I should get used to being in Thailand. Jo and I ended up swapping our meals, was quite amusing when Jo got to the peppers - think she drunk half a glass of iced water and actually put the glass in her mouth to cool it down.

We had to rush back to the the tourist office, we decided to get a tuk tuk. Now that was an experience and a half. Being so close to the traffic was quite scary at times especially when he decided to cut in between moving cars to get to places quicker. We managed to get there in time - thankfully.

We got on to the VIP bus and I was next to Liat. They had films going on after the journey got going. We stopped at the services on route and I bought myself some red bull and that stuff is just lethal! What made me drink it at midnight I do not know. We got to the ferry port about 6 in the morning and it was dark but half an hour had gone and it was starting to get light. Definitely made the right choice with the ferry to get there as the scenery was breathtaking. Couldn't stop taking pictures on the way. Ended up chatting to a group of guys. All the while of me taking photos and chatting to the guys Jo was throwing up with travel sickness - oops!

Finally arrived in Koh Tao, I still hadn't slept so I was starting to feel quite ropey! We decided to go with the guys as they had a place they knew of so thought we'd give it a shot. It was a very quiet place but then we had nothing to compare it to as we'd been in a bit of luxury in Bangkok so if this was how it could be I was happy. It was a cold shower but I couldn't complain - it was just nice to get freshened up. Liat wasn't very happy bunking in with a guy we had met on the way down so her and Jo swapped. Went dow to the beach after all the comotion and had a bite to eat. Was feeling really rough as still hadn't slept due to that stupid red bull and it was coming up to 3 in the afternoon. Went back to the room and had a few hours sleep and then felt a bit fresher after so decided to head down to the beach for a few drinks and had my first cocktail of the trip. Boy was it strong! Went back to the room and got a bit more dressed up and then went back down for some more drinks. Had about 4 cocktails and bearing in mind we were still catching up on the time difference and also the lack of sleep felt quite merry after 4 cocktails.

The guys knew of a resort that was having a fish BBQ which was lovely. It was all laid out on the side - fresh and you just chose what you wanted and they cooked it in front of you. They didn't just do fish, they did some chicken as well and even had a BBQ'd corn on the cob! Ended up stopping at the Eazy bar (our local) for one last drink and also arranged a boat trip the next day. Walked down to the 7 11 to get some water and ended up finding a pancake stall which is what I had been waiting for the whole trip! Well not quite but it was one of the highlights!

So that was my fun packed first couple of days.......

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Well it finally happened - day 1.

Left for the aiport reasonably early on the Monday as was meeting Jo for the first time. Nervous as anything and my mum made me cry before I had even left the house. Mum and dad were so quiet on the way to the aiport. Thank god my best mate Michelle was there as she kept me occupied and talking about other things.

Got to the aiport for 5 o'clock and went straight to the meeting point to meet Jo. Hadn't met her prior to us travelling together so had no idea what to expect! Found her in the end, had a little drink to calm the nerves when I got to the airport. Then my sister turned up so we all sat and talked for what seemed like ages.

Went to check in at around half 6 (we weren't flying till 10) and ended up being stuck at the check in desk for nearly an hour chatting to our mate Dave who was trying to sort out our tickets and seats. Didn't get seats together in the end as Quantas decided that they were full on the flight we were booked on and put us on to the BA flight. Then it was time to leave the folks, that was very hard as I did this 7 years ago and this time I'm much more prepared and organised so think my folks know that it could be for a long time. It was very hard leaving them, my sister and best friend. Went instantly to find some food as soon as we got in there as once the nerves had subsided about getting to the airport etc etc I'd decided I was absolutely starving!

Caught up with a few people then it was time to board the plane. As it was we were in completely separate sections of the plane and thankfully the girl that sat next to me agreed to swap so we were able to sit together. Although sandwiched between 2 other people so toilet breaks an issue especially with it being a night flight. Had some great movies on the flight but didn't get chance to watch any of them as was chatting to Jo for most of the journey and even managed to get a few hours kip.

Made it to Bangkok after the 11 hour flight. Getting baggage and getting through immigration was actually really quick. We were both just so tired and wanted to sleep. Decided to just get to the hotel and chill out, have a little power nap and check the emails. The hotel was pure luxury, hot showers and air conditioning. When we both felt a bit more refreshed we got a taxi down to Koh San Road to meet Liat. She had already been in Koh San Road for the majority of the day and had already experienced a flood where it was like something out of a movie and cockroaches swarming away from the water and there were also rats aswell. Quite glad I wasn't there to see that!

We wanted a bit of home comfort for our first night so we ended up in Burger King, yes I know that's bad after coming to a different country but it weren't half good! Koh San Road was just as I remember it, buzzing and full of life. Don't quite remember all of the people harrasing you as you walk down for the sex shows....kept being asked if I wanted to see the Ping Pong shows and them making the funny popping noise. Quite amusing. Also saw a random elephant down the street, you wonder what they must have done to it to be so docile in the middle of a busy street. There were all of the stalls down the street offering food of all varieties even fried bugs which I didn't find too appetising! We experience our first Thai red bull - boy that stuff is lethal! It's like a treble dose of just pure sugar!

We decided to make our way home at a fairly reasonable hour but the time difference hadn't kicked in as the UK was 7 hours back so I was wide awake. Finally got to bed about 3.30 Thailand time! Phew!

photo by: rintjez