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Woke up at 6.30 again as usual and tidied room a bit more and then stripped the bed! Today was the time to move on just wasn't sure when I would be going!

Went and did the morning feeds and we took our time and left Jess to do a lot so that she could get used to it all as they would be on their own for the rest of the week. Went to the morning break and had a continental breakfast with tea, toast and watermelon. Gill let me know that if I wanted to see Cape Trib and do a tour, I had to get my stuff together quite quickly as the bus would be there for 11.30. I thought - why not?! It was only another $32 for the extra bit. Thankfully I was all packed and ready to go and I got out of afternoon duties but also out of lunch but it gave me a bit of time to take some photos. Got showered and took all of my bags and box over.

Thought I would get to take more pictures when I got over but they were all getting ready to go at just gone 11 so Donna quickly took a picture of me with Teddy. Then it was time to go! :)

They both hugged me before leaving which is more than Amanda, Nico and Vincent got. They even came and waved me off on the coach so that was really nice. I was actually going to really miss the place - I think I just got caught up with a bit of negativity but I think I was missing home so it didn't react well with me.

Our first stop was a view point where we were able to take some photos. Then it was off to a rainforest for a little walk. It was there I realised I still had the keys from the zoo so George the tour guide said he would stop by on the way back. After the rainforest we stopped at a hostel called PK's in Cape Trib. A fair few people got off so the bus all of a sudden went really quiet. We stopped off at the Cape Trib beach and took a few photos and then we had our lunch on the way to pick up the next lot of people. Got chatting to a girl called Kia on the bus who seemed really nice and she was staying at Caravella which was a hostel I'd heard lots of good things about.

After lunch, we stopped at the next point to pick what was supposed to be a load of people but only 5 people got on the bus. Went and bought some junk food from the local shop which was a tad expensive for my liking. We went down to the river to do some kayaking (that's what the guide told us we were doing anyway) but it turned out to be a river cruise. We sure picked a good day for a cruise. It was drizzling with rain all day and typical me - not prepared for the rain! It was to see if we could find any crocodiles, saw one after all the chasing we did.

After all that it was the drive back to Cairns with a stop at Port Douglas. We stopped at the zoo on the way back so that I could drop the keys back. There was no one around so was able to drop them off without causing a fuss. Did ring them to tell them I'd put them back as well. A fair few people had got off at Caravelle and then it was just me left on the bus. Got to Travellers Oasis, thankfully Jay had booked me in at the hostel before arriving and everyone seemed to know about me!! A guy called Paul showed me around the place and then went and saw Jay quickly and then went to my room quickly. Spoke to mum and dad for a bit then went off to have a shower.

The bus into town picked us up at 8.30 and we were the only ones heading off into town and not one pick up all the way in to town. Went and had dinner at the Woolshed and had a lovely fish and chips! Ended up in the Heritage after and met up with Paul. The rest of the night went into a bit of a blur. Got back to the hostel around 3.30 and didn't even write to much else in my journal so must have literally crashed when I got in!

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photo by: Katie_Kate