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Kat on a tank

We arrived in Saigon last week - it is definately the cleanest and most westernised place we have been so far. We even spotted a KFC and a pizza hut - bit depressing really! The traffic here is crazy, maybe even a bit worse than Bangkok - but at least here you get a helmet when you're whizzing through the streets on the back of a moto. So far we have seen the War remnants Musuem, and were shocked by the effects of Agent Orange on the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam war. The deformities it created in children and adults were very extreme. The Americans committed many atrocities here and it is important that it is not forgotten. We read about how American troops fired on whole families, including pregnant women and children in a bid to root out the Viet Cong.

A cool dude
I didn't expect it to upset me so much, but it did! We also went to see the Chi Chu tunnels just outside of Saigon. The tunnels were used by the people of Chi Chu to fight against the americans, the tunnels were absolutely tiny and poorly lit, making crawling through them a very sweaty and claustrophobic experience. I only managed 30 metres.

We also dipped our toes in Damsen Waterpark - it was really good but they have an odd grasp of health and safety, Kat picked up various minor injuries due to slippy floors and a rather agressive slide. We managed to go on one ride together and it was so scary - they wouldn't let me go on any flumes in case the metal on my bikini got caught on the sides - gives you some idea about how narrow the slides were. We got stared at quite a lot as a lot of Vietnamese go into the water fully clothed, we exchanged sheepish grins with other scantily clad westerners as we tottered about in our bikinis.

We did a bit of shopping in one of the markets, and I got some knock-off Ray Bans for 5 quid, bonus! We also saw some beautiful chinese temples, and a Hindu temple which was very brightly coloured. We've met some great Vietnamese people, a lot of people in their twenties are keen to practice their english on us - so it's been quite entertaining. The food in Vietnam is absolutely delicious and we've had some really great meals. We splashed out a small fortune on a gorgeous restaurant called Mandarine - Lonely planet said it would be about 2 quid a course, needless to say the book was wrong yet again and my card took a bit of a hammering, but it was worth it!



harryk8062 says:
Glad to see you are picking up some military history, although there are two sides to every story. All my love Daddyxxx
Posted on: Apr 07, 2009
jojokyles says:
heyyyy harriet! it sounds brilliant!! and im very curious about your last entry where you had an incident with a bathroom! hope your having fun.. your such a culture vulture!!! some of the places youve been sound really sad but i bet its good to see them (in a way!) where you off to next? cant wait to see all your photos!! luv jo x x x
Posted on: Apr 03, 2009
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Kat on a tank
Kat on a tank
A cool dude
A cool dude