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Only here for two days - but there isn't a whole lot to do apart from shop. There is a good selection of non designer brands here (makes a difference from the rest of Asia!) In Shanghai one of my favourite things was the Museum of Propaganda posters, hidden away inside an apartment block. The collection is small but informative, as it shows how Mao's cult of personality developed and what beliefs he encouraged in the chinese population. The posters are all really rare as a lot of them were destroyed when Mao died and it's really interesting to see how events were interperated by China's PR Machine. For example, the invasion of Tibet is painted in rosy colours, with the tibetans welcoming chinese soldiers with open arms (!). I definately reccommend going if you're in Shanghai. We walked a long the Bund during the day and at night - unfortunately due to the extensive engineering work going on in Shanghai for the 2012 expo the view is rather spoilt, but the huge apartment blocks and the pearl tower rival Hong Kong's impressive sky line.

We got the ferry to Osaka on Tuesday - if you're going with the Shanghai Ferry company in the near future be warned that the port they direct you to on the website has not been finished yet. Even though it looks all shiny and brand new. If you try and go there you will meet a very confused woman with little/no grasp of english who cannot tell you when the ferry is going or where from. She will direct you to an apartment block half way down the street - where you have to go to the 10th floor to find the actual office, where you will then get more directions. We had left an hour and a bit to get on the ferry, and ended up being quite pushed for time because of all the faffing around we had to do. The ferry was fine, the showers are hot and the restaurant is clean. They could do with showing a better selection of english films - we had to sit through TWO german language films with Japanese subtitles (despite the majority of passengers being westerners, and the only germans on the boat weren't even watching the goddamn film!) and then one very poor english films. They also showed Mr. Bean from the early nineties, which of course had us in stitches. I never realised how mean Mr. Bean was though - he's a menace to society. We had our temperature taken four times while we were on the boat, and were encouraged to wear masks and wash our hands thoroughly. I still can't get used to the majority of people that wear masks here - it's so odd.    
harryk8062 says:
Can you give some more updates on your travels please darling.

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Posted on: May 31, 2009
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