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We have now done a week at our Volunteering placement in Battambang. PPS is a circus/arts/music school that also provides standard education for the young people in the areas surrounding Battambang. It provides an amazing opportunity for disadvantaged youths, by training in the circus they get to travel all over cambodia, france and the rest of the world.  PPS also provides social and health care for children who wouldn't usually be able to  access it - and houses children who are the victims of child abuse, trafficking etc. We have been to see the students of the circus school perform twice now, and the stuff they can do is blows you away. The women are so bendy - we saw one girl fire a bow and arrow with her feet! The first show we saw - Puthou (Oh My God in english) was a combination of different tricks and the second, Phum Style, was about a young man who came back from the city to the country, and impressed his friends with all that he had learned. I think they all have an amazing talent, even though we don't understand a word of Khmer, we can still understand what is happening on stage. They manage to act while they're juggling balls (or sometimes people!). We haven't seen any clowns yet, though I think Tini Tinou (the big circus festival at the end of march) will have loads. The shows we have seen contained dancing, a bit of magic, acrobatics, hula hooping and loads more!

We are helping PPS with their english, correcting their websites and other documents. They are preparing for a huge circus festival, which unfortunately we won't be here for! We are really impressed by all that they do - providing a standard education and allowing children and young adults to express themselves artisticly. Give them a google to find out more - I think they are between websites at the moment as we have almost finished correcting their new one. I think might still work!

Today we have been on another Moto trip around the countryside, it was quite good although I am sunburned yet again. On this trip we saw some ancient Khmer houses, saw more of the local industries and went on the infamous Bamboo train! There isn't a rail service in Cambodia anymore, and when it did operate it was very infrequent. The people came up with there own mode of transport - a bambo platform with an engine attached. You pay 5 dollars, and two random blokes and a small child put the platform on wheels, put it on the tracks and off you go into the middle of nowhere! It is very very noisy, and we had a slight incident with a cow on the tracks - but it is good fun. You get to see some more of the countryside and some tiny settlements of people. We stopped of at a little cafe, our drivers got off to have a drink and we had a very awkward conversation with a very nice man with no teeth. Then it was back on the train to be picked up by our moto drivers and then back to the hotel for a snooze!

We have upgraded to a room that has a fridge, which means we can buy cheese for $4 dollars at the local grocer and make ourselves some plain cheese sandwiches, can't wait!

bassline_babe says:
Hey Harriet!
Just had a quick read of your blog----it looks amazing! I'm glad to see ur keepin safe and having fun. Missing u at work!
Arianna xxx
Posted on: Mar 16, 2009
kaluzathefrog says:
Sounds like a great adventure, Harriet!
(Love the idea of cheese sandwiches.)
Posted on: Mar 09, 2009
harryk8062 says:
Sorry we missed your telephone call this morning. Great to see you are getting on okay. The weather here is cold and wet but went for a bike ride with John this morning.


Posted on: Mar 08, 2009
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