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My quick thoughts and impressions of every town I've been to.

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April 10th, 2002Charlottesville, Virginia
January 31st, 2009Europe
February 24th, 2009North America
April 24th, 2009Charleston, South Carolina
April 26th, 2009Charleston, South Carolina
May 23rd, 2009San Diego, California
July 3rd, 2009Bucharest, Romania
July 14th, 2009Venice, Italy
July 15th, 2009Transylvania, Romania
November 27th, 2009Old Saybrook, Connecticut
January 16th, 2010Baltimore, Maryland
November 26th, 2010Cornwall, Connecticut
January 15th, 2011Baltimore, Maryland
April 3rd, 2011Dupont Circle, District of Columbia
July 20th, 2011Newburyport, Massachusetts
July 22nd, 2011Newport, Rhode Island
July 23rd, 2011Newport, Rhode Island
November 25th, 2011Stockbridge, Massachusetts
November 26th, 2011Rhinebeck, New York
January 2nd, 2012Lambertville, New Jersey
May 18th, 2012Bozeman, Montana
July 4th, 2012Watertown, New York
July 5th, 2012Sackets Harbor, New York
July 6th, 2012Kingston, Canada
July 9th, 2012Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
July 9th, 2012Toronto, Canada
July 10th, 2012Toronto, Canada
July 11th, 2012Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
July 12th, 2012Niagara Falls, United States
July 14th, 2012Bolton Landing, New York
August 11th, 2012Baltimore, Maryland
November 24th, 2012Bernardston, Massachusetts
December 1st, 2012Germany
December 2nd, 2012Schweinfurt, Germany
December 3rd, 2012Schweinfurt, Germany
December 7th, 2012Oberammergau, Germany
June 12th, 2013Paris, France
June 14th, 2013Heidelberg, Germany
June 15th, 2013Heidelberg, Germany
August 26th, 2013Bled, Slovenia
October 14th, 2013Annapolis, Maryland
October 18th, 2013Cumberland, Maryland
November 1st, 2013Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 29th, 2013Victoria, Canada
November 29th, 2013Lee, Massachusetts
May 27th, 2014Victoria, Canada
May 28th, 2014Victoria, Canada
May 29th, 2014Victoria, Canada
July 6th, 2014Baltimore, Maryland
July 21st, 2014Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Canada
July 24th, 2014Quebec, Canada
July 25th, 2014Quebec City, Canada
August 26th, 2014Lugano, Switzerland
August 27th, 2014Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland
August 28th, 2014Unterseen, Switzerland
August 30th, 2014Lausanne, Switzerland
October 15th, 2014Baltimore, Maryland
October 16th, 2014Baltimore, Maryland
November 29th, 2014Lenox, Massachusetts
February 5th, 2015Saint Barthelemy, Guadeloupe
February 6th, 2015Saint Martin
February 7th, 2015Saint Martin, Saint Martin
May 14th, 2015New Orleans, Louisiana
May 15th, 2015New Orleans, Louisiana
May 16th, 2015New Orleans, Louisiana
July 3rd, 2015Blue Ash, Ohio
November 27th, 2015Litchfield, Connecticut
November 28th, 2015Northampton, Massachusetts
July 26th, 2016Madrid, Spain
January 26th, 2017Baltimore, Maryland
January 28th, 2017Baltimore, Maryland
March 27th, 2017North America
August 14th, 2017Amsterdam, Netherlands