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I will start by saying WOW! What a great day. I woke up early and walked from the hostel to avis to pick up my car. As soon as I got in it and was leaving Aukland I felt so free and so on track. It is a great feeling to think there is no other place I would like to be. Everything seems so right. Although traveling alone has its moments of lonliness and I would prefer to share my experiences with a loving woman I am enjoying being able to stop where and when ever I like. I drove over 500km today.  Stopping in Huntly for about an hour walking around and taking photos. Then I stopped in Hamilton to get some supplies. I bought a sleeping bag and some misc camping stuff. And of course wandered around and took some photos.

After this I made my way to Waitomo caves. Waitomo is translated from maori, wai meaning water, and tomo meaning hole. This place definitely has a spiritual feeling to it… and a positive one.  I did a two hour tour of Ruakuri cave. We started by go down about three hundred feet where there was a lime stone with water dripping onto it from the ground above. Our guide Hop(that’s his name) explained that it used to be a maori burial ground and it was respectful to wash hands with water from this rock when leaving the cave.  We carried on with our tour, going deeper and deeper into the earth. Glow worms are everywhere. It really looks like green stars. The limestone formations were beautiful and also had spiritual maori meaning.  We continued through the well made path seeing several different rooms and different types of formations. After an hour or so of this we exited the cave. Hop and I in the back. I had asked him about maori culture and how important it is in new Zealand. We made our way to the exit and had fallen behind everyone else. We walked right past the limestone rock at the entrance while in conversation and it popped into my head that we should wash our hands. I mentioned to Hop that I didn’t see anyone else do it. He had forgotten also because of our chat. I told him I wanted to turn around and go back to the rock. His face was glowing with excitement, I am not sure but I got the feeling no one else had ever respected it in this way. We went back to the rock and he showed me the proper way to cleanse my spirit with the water. Very cool! It was something I don’t think I will ever.

After the caves I hopped back in the car and again I was on my way. This country is so beautiful and I don’t think I could ever get tired of driving through it. I drove for several hours through the beautiful twisty roads. Several times I thought of my dad (ya you… I know your reading this). We need to come back here with motorcycles and tour the country.

I had fun driving my rental camry through the hills and yup… I was speeding…. For hours. Then I decided I would slow down for no reason and then the cops started to appear. My intuition works again! I stopped a few times on the drive to take more photos and film. I made it to new Plymouth where you can see mt taranaki. It really looks like mt fuji. I found a cool look out and hiked it. It was twenty minutes of basically going vertical. But when I got to the top I was amazed at the view.

I drove around new Plymouth looking for a nice caravan park but they didn’t seem to good as I was in the city.  I left the city headed for Whanganui national park. The park that surrounds mt taranaki. I found a nice caravan park.


I know I have forgot to write about something here but hopefully it will be covered by my photos. I saw and did more today than I thought I would do in two days.

I am going to try and keep it up. I only have 8 days left but I am going to squeeze every second out of it. LIFE IS GOOD

Too be continued…

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200 ft below the ground
200 ft below the ground