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Most cruise passengers found Ouvea boring – not me. Despite not sighting a rare Ouvea Parakeet (the chances were slim anyway), I found the 15-minute walk from the pier intriguing.


On the walk, I noticed most of the island’s vegetation was very low – meaning, none of it was very tall. There were a lot of casuarinas, grass that had adapted to growing on sand, and other plant species I didn’t recognise. Why is this important, you might ask? Well, during the Parc Forestier and Bird Sanctuary tour in Noumea, I learned that Ouvea Parakeets were being introduced to other New Caledonian islands in the hope that they might breed. The project hasn’t been very successful. Having seen Ouvea, I suspect it’s because Ouvea’s vegetation is low-lying and the island itself is 10 metres at its highest (I think, you’ll have to check that). I’m not sure which islands the birds have been introduced to, but in comparison to Ouvea, Grande Terre’s terrain is a lot more hilly in places, which could affect their breeding, I suppose (if they’re picky about nesting sites).


Anyway, parakeets aside, Ouvea was quite pleasant. The beach (like all the beaches we’d seen) had white sand and the water was turquoise. There was a little bit of surf, so I left my snorkel on the beach and bobbed in the water.

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Thats me on the far right!
That's me on the far right!
photo by: Chelsea