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Getting ready to go on a trip can be so much work.  With our back to back SF and then Seeley trips I am trying to force prep for two trips into just a few days. The airfare and hotel for SF are booked. I decided I am going to just park my truck in the long term lot near Lindberg Field for our trip to SF. It will save me about $50-60 dollars over using a shuttle to and from the airport. And lets face it, gas is thru the roof again, so that money will go into the tank of the motorhome.  I spent Tuesday and yesterday getting the toys ready to go out and play. I pulled the cob webs from my mind and tried to remember all the things that have gone wrong in the past...and tried to be proactive about them.  The go cart would not start, so I pulled the gas tank, cleaned the carb, etc. Now it is running fine.  The last time we went out a couple of nuts kept falling of the go cart exhuast, so I checked those (sure enough, one was missing already), I replaced the nuts, tightened them down real good, and made sure I have replacement parts.  The generator on the motorhome did not work last time we went out. Now I thought about having it serviced...put decided I would rather have something new (it is 30 years old), and I wanted something I could use if the power ever goes out around the house. So I found a generator at an autoparts store. It is set up for use with motorhomes. Now I had to figure out a way to get the port gen and the go cart and the used dirt bike I also bought into the trailer I have.  Got that done!

Today I am going over the motorhome itself. Need to check oil, tranny fluid, air pressure etc. I know I need to get more Propane and I have to fill up the gas tanks. But I dont know if I want to do that today or on Tuesday when we get back from 'Frisco. Will prob wait. Maybe gas will come down, after everybody leaves this weekend for Spring Break. I also need to go shopping to make sure we have food for our trip out to Seeley. You know, camping type food. I will do that today, so I dont have to worry about it on Tuesday. I think I will try to get everything done today except the gas and propane. That way all I have to do is fill up and load up (the trailer) and we can get a start around 10:00 or so on Wed. That way we miss the traffic of people going into work, and we still get out early enough for the boys to ride a bit.


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photo by: sdbleve