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Sept 11 The Pinnacle Dessert

I still remember I was both excited and a bit worried in the first day. I was excited about my new life but I was also worried whether I could make frds during the trip.

There were not many ppl in the tour , and I tried my best to talk to everyone around me so that I wouldn’t be bored during the trip. Amy and Richard sat behind me and two british gal sat in front of me. I talked to everyone in the car except one germen woman , because she looked soooo cool and quiet. I dare not to talk to her.

Our first destination is The Pinnacle Dessert. It is such a nice place. I have never seen dessert in my life. The Sky was soooo blue and the dessert was sooo…hmm….sandy.

Well, that’s it , we didn’t spend a lot of time there , just quick sight seeing but that’s already very enough for me.

Then, a French girl jumped on the car. Her name is Malika. She is the person who vivified my trip so much. My first best frd in Aus.




Sept 12 – Sept 14 Kalbarri


When we arrived Kalbarri , there were 5 people including me decided to stay there for 3 days. They were me , Malika , Christina(the quiet woman) , Amy and Richard.

Actually, I had no plan at all. I didn’t know where I should stay. I just followed what others did. I knew Malika would stay there and so I followed her coz I know I would have someone to travel with.At that night , we met Chris and Kelvin who also took the easy rider tour 2 days ago. They would take the bus to coral bay tomorrow.


One thing I needa tell is that I met Barry an Pricilla again in the hostel in Kalbarri, amazing , they took a lift from a Malaysian Woman.


P9110160.JPG P9110157.JPG

Bicycle Trip

Christina , Malika and me hired the bicycle to travel. The bus took us to the end and then we cycled back to the hostel. Well, it’s such an amazing trip. I cycled for 30 km and hiked at the same time. Apart from feeling getting raped by the long cycling ( my downsthere was so painful >.< )and feeling scared of falling off the hills when I hiked , the trip was amazing.

I seldom go hiking in HK , even I did , it was easy hiking (let’s say level 1). But in Kalbarri , it was not so easy (let’s say level 3-4 ), the level is too high for me. So I was quite scared , but all in all, I was glad I did it!!

At that day, I knew Christina and Malika more. Christina is not a quiet person , she was just in a bad mood because something happened in Germany. Actually, she is a really nice girl.


Then , we had a really nice dinner.


Hawk’s head , Ross Graham , The Loop

The next day, Amy , Richard , Christia , Malika and me hired the car to travel Hawk’s head , Ross Graham and the loop. I met Barry and Pricilla again !!!

We had a really nice day. Christina , Malika and me was having lunch on a rock and had a very nice girl’s talking while Amy and Richard were taking a rest . Later, All of us went to the loop and took some funny pictures and video.

I really really enjoyed that day.

 DSCF6953.JPG DSCF6943.JPG DSCF6942.JPG DSCF6924.JPG DSCF6959.JPG DSCF6961.JPG9-14 Trip to <a href=Denham 008.JPG" src="" width=160>


Z-bend , Up sailing , The Loop

Today, we needed to take the bus to go to Denham. But of course , we needa do some hiking and sightseeing before going to Denham. I did up sailing , wow , it was not so scared . Quite excited. And the most important thing is that I forgot to pay them and they forgot to ask me for money , good good , free upsailing. But Malika didn’t do it because she thought it was not high enough for her , haha.

Then we went to the Loop again but of course we didn’t go so faraway as we did yesterday. We took pics again.

Here , we met some new tour mates , Caylee , Emma and Laura and we went to Denham together.

9-14 Trip to Denham 028.JPG


9-15 Monkey Mia

After staying one night in Denham, we went to Monkey Mia in the morning. Mokey Mia is a place where people could feed the dolphin. But of course, not everyone can feed the dolphins; the staffs choose who can feed them. Well, the dolphins came every half an hour (or 45 minutes) and I stood there for 3 times in order to take pictures with the dolphins. I wore the yellow hat and shake my hand every time they looked for someone to feed the dolphins, of course, after 3 times trial, I succeed. They chose me to feed the dolphin. GOOD!!!!

I could achieve my goal of feeding the Dolphin finally. Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!



9-15 – 9.18 Coral Bay

I arrived Coral Bay at 8pm. Then we had BBQ as our dinner. This is my first BBQ in Oz, it is really different from that in HK. Here, I met Chris and Kelvin again and they would stay here for more days. It means that they will go to Exmouth with us.

Here , Malika asked me whether I could go to Broome with her . Actually , I was quite worried about my money , but I know it is not easy to get a such good travel mate and so I said yes . Therefore , I extended my trip from exmouth to Broome.

At the same night, we went to the beach for drinking. I drank few glasses of Glen (??) (The cheapest wine which make ppl get drunk easily.) I was very very very drunk and Malika took me home. I threw up from 5 times at least …. VERY DRUNK. I remember I swore that I would never get drunk again because it felt soooooo bad!!

Then , the next day, I found that Malika took a video of me being drunk , hahahahah.



The next morning, we needed to go snorkeling. It was amazing, I saw a lot of fishes and coral , it was fucking amazing…

But it was still quite cold .I was cold, I was hangover, and I was not too good at using the snorkeling gears (I kept breathing the water =.= )…. So, it is a very very SPECIAL EXPERIENCE!!

Then , some of our tour mates needed to leave. I really wanted to spend more time with them! Caylee and Debbie , they are really really cute & lovely and have GREAT BODIES. Amy and Richard, they are such a lovely couple, I really really like them.



In Coral Bay, apart from doing snorkeling everyday, we also joined a boat tour ($145), but it was quite cold on the boat … and I fell asleep and so I didn’t really see anything. But anyways, it was an experience.




The most memorable thing is that we saw a lot of reef sharks in the beach. Normally, we should be scared and leave the sharks as far away as possible. but the funny thing is that my friends asked me not to speak too loud that the sharked would be scared and ran away. Haha , they wanna get close to the sharks.



The Hostel in Coral Bay is really nice , Clean and Tidy!! Most importantly, I met a Hong Kong girl (Jasmine )in the hostel. She was doing house keeping for the hostel. I and she had the same experience with old guys and so we talked a lot. We became friends; even we just spent 3 days together!

 I came back to HK at Dec 3 just because her graduation ceremony is on 5 Dec , I wanna attend it. Then after coming back to HK, I attended her graduation ceremony and we took graduation pics together. We talked a lot and I found that she is a really lovely gal, we can be good friends , I felt so glad that I could meet such a good and lovely HK gal in Aus.

DSCF7136.JPG  DSCF7190 - 複製.JPG


P.S Coral Bay has a VERY NICE BEACH , the sea water is SEE-THOUGH!

9.29 – 9.23 Exmouth

The first night we arrived Exmouth, we drank again because it was Kelvin’s last day. But of course , I learnt a lesson from Coral Bay , I would never get drunk again , so they drank a lot and I didn’t drink much. Kelvin and Chris were really drunk , I tried to make them to have gay kissing pics , but they were not that drunk enough to kiss each other , haha.

The next day , we needed to take a rest and so we had so much time to take some silly but funny pictures.

P9180585.JPG DSCF7202 - 複製.JPG DSCF7204 - 複製.JPG DSCF7206 - 複製.JPG DSCF7224.JPG P9190591.JPG P9190602.JPG DSCF7256.JPG DSCF7268.JPG P9200641.JPGP9200645.JPG P9200670.JPG


Mandu Mandu Gorge , Turquoise Bay , Yardie Creek , Sunset lighthouse

Then, there were only Chris , Malika , Christina and me stayed in Exmouth. We hired a car to travel the mandu mandu gorge , Yardie Creek and Turquoise Bay. I did hiking again , but after the hiking in Kalbarri , I got used to it already. One thing I needed to thank Malika is that she always walked back to ask me how I felt like. Chris is a really sweet boy, he walked slowly and so I didn’t need to walk alone. (I am always the slowest one =.=) Well, I lost my memory card and HK phone card in mandu mandu gorge , I was quite unhappy because I would never get my HK cell number again.



Cycling Trip

Then , We also did cycling trip . Christina was super energetic and she rode very fast. Malika was sooo nice , she rode slowly for me. Then , we had a very nice talking in the beach. I really really enjoy talking with girls. Talking with girls is the most amazing thing in the world.


Seakayak Trip

We spent our last day for seakayaking in exmouth, but the sad thing is that Chris was sick and so he could play too much. We were grouped in pairs to kayak. Chris and Malika , I and Christina. Poor Christina was assigned to me who didn’t know kayak and was not strong enough to kayak. But so far, it was really really nice. I saw turtle and so many pretty fish and coral.

I also spend 14x on this trip , but this trip is much more fun than the boat trip.



9.24 – 9.28 Karijini National Park


Chris was too sick and so he needed to stay in Exmouth longer. Oh , We couldn’t go to Karijini together , what a pity!!

Even though there was no longer germen boy to travel with me , but a new germen gal came and stay in Karijini , her name is Peggy.

The first day we arrived Karijini , there were too many people and so malika and me didn’t take a shower in the shower room. We chose to take the shower by the fire hose , haha.


P9260219.JPG P9260220.JPG DSCF7455.JPG


Dales Recreation Area


The next morning, we followed easyrider to go to Dales Recreation Area. We did hiking again. This time , the hiking level is higer. We swam in the pool and waterfall. It was a very very special experience for me. But actually, I was quite worried when I was swimming there because I always thought there must be something( e.g snake) in the water. As the easyrider car needed to leave while we (Malika , Peggy and me) prefer to stay here, so it just droped us off here and we needed to hitch-hick back to our camp site. But we needed to say Bye-Bye to Christina , my lovely germen woman who look cool outside, but actually hot inside.


We swam a lot , sun-bathed a lot and even jumped off from the water fall (because Mailia encouraged me to do it), What a relaxing and exciting day. At the end , we 3 gals hitch-hicked back successfully. Haha.


P9240081.JPG SDC10942.JPG SDC10945.JPG



Weano Recreation Area

Jesus Christ!!! It was the most difficult hiking I’ve ever done. I needed to walk on the cliff just like what the TV show does. Hahaha. LEVEL 5 hiking!!!! I needed to walk in the water and I even fell into the water. My poor camera , it didn’t work after immersing into the water. I was extremely upset , but so lucky , it back to normal after 1 hour. But since then , I was so scared to walk. There was a spider walk which is so hard to walk , I dare not to walk, but Malika was soooo nice that she encouraged me so much. At last , I did it , I was so pound of myself and her encouragement. I luv you , Malika.

At the same night , a man asked me something when I was downloading my pictures in the reception. He asked me whether I lost my memory card and phone card in Exmouth. He said he found it in the small gap in the gorge and then he put the memory card into his camera and so he knew how I looked it. Then he saw my pictures in the reception and he thought it would be the same person. OMG , it was so fucking amazing!!! Exmouth is so faraway from Karijini and all asian look the same for western people , how could he recognize me ?!

Today was my lucky day , my camera could work again and I got my memory card and phone card back!!

P.s today we hitch-hacked again , but we walked a lot!


DSCF7654.JPG DSCF7652.JPG DSCF7675.JPG P9250152.JPG P9250179.JPG DSCF7751.JPG   DSCF7752.JPG DSCF7753.JPG


Jeffy Gorge

Today , we didn’t need to hitch-hack because it was close to our campsite. Peggy did a lot of sun-bathing and Malika asked me to swim with her in the gorge. But the gorge is so big , the water was quite cold and it looks very deep . I was quite scared but I know I would regret if I didn’t do it . So I did it with her .


But , I was really really really scared , I always thought there must be something down there. Therefore, I stopped a lot of times. But Malika was so careful, she stopped every time with me in order to make me feel not scared. Finally , I did it , I was so proud of myself again.



Dales Recreation Area

The easyrider bus came yesterday and so it would go to the Dales George and then leave Karijini. So we went to Dales Geroge again , but this time Chris also went there with us. He decided not to stay karijini and went to broome with us.

I took a lot of pics with him in the Dales gorge , haha.




9.28 Cattle Station

We spent one night in cattle station because there was a long way between broome and karijini. Here, I needed to separate with Malika , the French gal who gave me such an amazing experience , the French gal who encouraged me a lot , the French gal who made me laugh a lot , my first BF in Aus.

The next morning , I was a bit sick , a bit worried my days in broome (my last destination) and very sad… So I cried when I said byebye to her.

I didn’t cry when I left my frds in HK because I know I will come back and see them again. But for Malika , I don’t know when I can see her again , I don’t know… She is in France while I am in Hong Kong. But I still thank god for letting me to meet her . Traveling with her is the happiest thing for me in Australia .




9.29 – 10.8 Broome

For the trip in Broome, we got a woman driver and knew some new friends . There were two funny Australian woman called Jude and Lynette. Lynette is the mother of the driver. They are really really nice!!! They taught me a lot of dirty words

As I didn’t book any hostel in Broome and it was school holiday , it was really hard for me to get a hostel , so I needed to stay in an more expensive hostel. But luckily, Jude and lynette also stayed in the same hostel with me , I didn’t need to be alone.

I didn’t look for any job in the first week because I wanted to spend my time with my tour mates. One gone , one gone and finally , Chris also needed to leave. We spent our last day to travel Broome by the Scoter and then watched sunset today. We took a lot of pics together . Bye bye , my handsome germen boy . As jude mentioned, you are a gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed the days with you!



DSCF7908.JPG DSCF7912.JPGPicture 0037.jpg SDC11007.JPGDSCF7931.JPG SDC11024.JPG DSCF7967.JPG


Then, I met some nice people in the expensive hostel.

They are fic , Tor & Jess (Two Teachers) and Josh.

Fic is a lovely girls who loves taking pictures and she is really nice !! Because of her , I met Tor , Jess and Josh.

Tor and Jess are two teachers in Perth , they came perth for hot . They don’t look like thirty-something, I thought they were only twenty-something , They are SUPER nice and funny. I really enjoyed the days with them. They even bought me an expensive cocktail to celebrate me got a job in Broome.




As for Josh, he is 1 yr older than me but actually he was like 18. He was such a BABY. He didn’t act like a 22 yrs old boy. By the way, he is a geo marine physicist which is a job I never heard before. Usually, I don’t really act too natural with boy because I am not good in making friends with boys. But Josh is an exception , I didn’t feel like he is a boy , I felt like he is my little brother. I always called me Dirty Sandy Josh Baby because he didn’t take shower even he was very sandy , haha.


This is my Easyrider Trip , I enjoyed it soooo much . I met so many nice people during the trip. I felt like I could already go back to HK after the trip because I was sooooooooo satisfied. I didn’t feel any regret.

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