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June 29 – July 5 Perth

I was with a big group of HK people when I arrived Perth. It gave me a sense of security because I was not alone. I didn’t even think of any small issues like bank account, tax file number, stamp, mobile or whatever because I knew I can follow what others did.

Three days later, I got a pruning job in mount barker with Alan , Barry and Fion. We were really happy because we didn’t expect we can get a job so soon.

Therefore, one week after arriving perth , we went to Mount Barker for working.

2008-06-30 到逹栢斯 007.JPG 2008-07-01 遊栢斯 010.JPG 2008-07-04 工廠區 014.JPG



July 6 – Aug 26 Mount Barker (Pruning)

For pruning , it’s not an easy job , so our boss – Rowan , he asked us to work in pairs. Alan and Fion , me and barry , the boys used the big logger to crop the big stuff while the girls used the small sectors to cut the small stuff. I felt so tired and painful even for cutting the small stuff , so thank you boys for cropping the big stuff for me.

Here, I need to mention my partner Barry. We became friends because we always worked together. We talked quite a lot because of the boring job!! He is a funny guy. He likes saving money but always spends a lot on the mobile fee. Anyways ,we still keep in touch even he is now in East Coast, and I hope my wish (either the job or Japanese gals) will come true , haha.

Later, Pricilla and Christy also came here for working, so there were 6 HK people in the farm. Actually, it’s quite boring because there were only 6 people and all of us are HKese.

Because of this job ,

1)      I used to love sheep , but I hate sheep when I was working because the ground was full of their boos!!! Smelly and disgusting,

2)      I pee everywhere near to working because there was no toilet (even there was , still so far away.)

3)      My body was soooooooooooo sour!!!


Then , we moved to the new farm and we found out that all people work by themselves instead of working in pair. So we tried to by ourselves. Of course, Barry was capable to do it. But I felt extremely painful and I felt there was no point to bear such a pain while earning such a little money. Therefore, I decided to go suddenly and the next day , I was already in Albany.

I am who I am; I always have no plan, just go for it when I want it!!


2008-07-09 防水工作服 001.JPG DSCF6181.JPG 003.JPG DSCF6191.jpg DSCN1622.JPG 2008.08.19-Landsdale最後一日-CIMG5414.JPG DSCN1579.JPG


Aug 28 – Sept 7 Albany to Margaret River

This time, I traveled by myself. For sure, I was quite worried, but I also felt excited about my new traveling life!!

Albany is a very nice town. People there are very nice. People smile and say hi to you when they pass by each other. I still remember there was a woman who gave me a lift to backpacker because she saw me looked very lost in the street. How nice she is!!

I met a man, Nick (45 yrs old ), the first day I arrived Albany. He took me to travel Albany the other day. Woo, it was really nice!! I didn’t expect I would start traveling immediately after working!!

Then he gave me an offer to travel with him, I considered for a while but then I said yes because it’s such a good chance for me to travel. Then we traveled from Albany to Margaret River. He drove the car while I bought the food.

Actually, the scenery is really really pretty and some of them (e.g busselton ) is really romantic , but the point is that traveling with a old man is not romantic at all.

When he left , I met some frds in Margaret River (Sarah and Teresa) and had good time with them. I met a Japanese gal who told me that there are plenty of farm job in canavon.  After staying one week in Margaret River, I decided to go back to perth.



2008-9-3 Margaret River Mouth 004.jpg 2008-9-2 Busselton 036.jpg IMG_0296.jpg IMG_0568.jpg 005.JPG


p.s I did a very stupid thing when I was in Albany . I left my laptop in my room and then Barry brought it back to me in perth. Thanks Barry.


p.p.s I got drunk in Margaret River. First time being drunk , but I still remember to brush my teeth each time after throwing up(3 times)


Sept 8 – Sept 10 Perth and Frementle

I went to king’s park immediately after coming back to perth because I didn’t go to that park the last time I was in Perth. The next time I went to Fremantle, it was quite boring to me….I just spent 2 hrs there. Maybe…traveling by one person is quite bored.

I wanted to go to carnarvon for farm job but I didn’t want to skip the places between perth to caravan. Therefore , I decided to join the easyrider tour from perth to exmouth. It allows me to jump on or jump off in some places and the ticket can be lasted for 3 months. It means that I can travel between Perth and carnarvon while I can stay in carnarvon for 3 months and then go to exmouth

I wondered whether I made a right decision, but now I can tell you it was the rightist decision I’ve ever made.


025.JPG 015.JPG 031.JPG


Sept 11- Sept 29 Easyrider Tour


1st : The Pinnacle Dessert

2nd: Kalbarri

3rd: Monkey Mia

4th: Coral Bay

5th: Exmouth





I took the easyrider tour from Perth to Exmouth. I was planning to stop in carnarvon for banana job. But I met soooo many nice people and so I didn’t stop in carnarvon . I even extended my tirp my Exmouth to Broome.

I Luv this tirp soooo much , I wrote a long summary for it already!!


Oct 30 - Oct 8 Holiday in Broome

I took 1 week off before looking for any jobs as I wanted to enjoy the holidays with my friends. I met Flic, Josh , Jess and Tor this week. Very luckily , I got a job after looking for job for 3 days.


Oct 9 – Dec 1 Working in Broome

I was quite worried when I was in Broome because I only have 14XX left, OMG. But Thank God, I got a housekeeping job after looking for a job for 3 days. Then, I met Korean gal and she introduced me to live in a small hostel which I could get free accommodation if I did some cleaning for the hostel.



Here , the owner of the hostel is a Old Guy. I did get free accommodation , but in his house…=,= Whatever , after 1 month stay, I moved out to the hostel next door because he is such a weird old man.

Here , I met Malika again , I was really really Happy. I spent our last day together in the beach and her hostel , I luv you Malika.



I never go clubbing in HK but here, but I went clubbing in broome every Thursday because of the wet shirt competition. I found that it was really fun to go there with my friends. Before , we just watched the wet shirt completion , but I joined the competition for my last week. I was the 2nd up , I lost to the aboriginal woman. =.=
The reason I lost to her is that :
1) I was too drunk , I didn't dance , I was just walking around the stage and kissed the girls XDXD
2) She is an aboriginal woman =.=

Haha and I did some every embarrassing things.


SDC10236.JPG DSCF8357.JPG IMG_9465.JPG PB270273.JPG DSCF8377.JPGSDC10258 copy.jpg DSCF8377.JPG100_6914.JPG




For work, I met a lot of nice people.

Cecilia, my lovely Swedish girl. She lived in the same backpacker with me. We work together , lived together , and went clubbing together .She traveled with her Swedish frds , Tommy , Jonus and tomas. Because of them , I don’t feel boring in Broome. I felt very happy.

Saki , a lovely Japanese Girl. We were the only 2 long stay Asia in this hostel and so we became friends. Saki is a very nice japanese girl , she is soooooooo cute. I like her so much.

I spent my birthday with them , So happy!!!


DSCF8315.JPG Picture 0055.jpg Picture 0076.jpg Picture 0060.jpg DSCF8131.JPG DSCF8158.JPG DSCF8293.JPG IMG_9463.JPG PB300014.JPG


Naoko and Sayuri , they are very very cute Japanese girls!!! I like them so much. I spent my last day with time in the pool , we had a lot of fun.

DSCF8349.JPG PC010356.JPG



Thi , my lovely Laos gal , I like going to Oasis because of her . She invited me to go to Oasis and then I found that it was really funny to go there with friends.



Yasue , a lovely Japanese gal again , oh , why all Japanese girls are soo lovely??! She is really nice and talkable. She definately doesn't look like 30 , I hope u have a nice trip in Bali.




Cerise, the beautiful Scottish girl. I really do like her even we didn’t spend too much time together. Thanks for your Chinese Dinner, it’s delicious. I hope I can see ya again and cook for you.



Nadine , the lovely germen girl. You definitely don’t look like 26. You are tooo cute!!

Your personality is super great , I bet you won’t be single in Broome.


Nell , the Taiwanese gal. I met her in my expensive hostel , she was the housekeeper there. Then , I met again in the resort , oh , she changed her job , so we work together. I like her so much . She is sooo cute.


Debbie , the taiwnaese gal again. She left so early , we didn’t spend too much time together. But I could still remember your crazy in Oasis.


Fany and Sabina , they are really nice as well. We had a great night in Oasis. I hope we could spend more time together.



Kim , the korean Girl , I thought she was really cool at the very beginning . But then I found that she is very talkable and funny .



Tanya , the nicest supervisor , too sad that we just spent so less time together. I hope I can meet you in Tasmania.



Dec 2 Perth

I arrived Perth and then I lived in Jess(teacher)’s house for 1 night. She was so nice to pick me up from the airport and provided me living. Then, I had dinner with her , her bf and Tor. They even paid my dinner as my late brithey present. They are so nice. I felt so glad that I could meet them in Aus.

DSCF0019.jpg DSCF0017.jpg DSCF0028.jpg


In conclude, Australia did change me a lot.

1)      I became more and more outgoing and I love meeting friends so much

2)      I have a lot of friends around the world

3)      My English and mandarin is better

4)      I gained weight (which is not good)

5)      I hate OLD GUYS


There is only one thing that does not change

1) I am still SINGLE , hahahaha!!

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