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     On Sept 1, 2007 my family and I took a trip to Attleborro massachusetts. The only thing I didnt like about the trip was we had to fly. I dont like airplanes. I know I am a big chicken. When we arrived at the air port in Alexandria, Louisiana thats when it started. When we got threw the security people and was setting there waiting on our plane I started to get scared and was freakin out. My fiance thought I was gonna get in trouble cause I was pacing arround and could not set still. It wasnt my fault. I was nervouse as could be. I had never been on a plane in my life.

     When the plane got there and we borded I got me a soda and some peanuts and buckled up. the sturadist was very nice. He helped calm me sown. The plane we got on to go to Atlanta was a small jet. Kinda like a privet jet. that one was an ok flight. Cause you could not really feel any thing the plane was doing. specially when it was landing. When we arrived at Atlanta airport. we had a 3 hour delay. That was really boring. I walked arround the airport looking arround checking out some of the stuff they had. After the delay we borded another jet. I calle dit the son of the 747. it was bigger than the one we had got off of but was not as big as a 747. that plane i did not like. I thought we was never gonna take off. All I could see was the numbers counting down on the runway and grass getting closer. When we finaly got in the air and leveled out I just set there. I would not get out of my seat for any thing. The coolest thing though was when we flew over the Boston Harbor. That was neat. Never seen any thing like that from up in the sky.

     After arriving at Boston airport and we got off the plane my fiance asked me how did I like the plane rides. All I could tell her is I will let you know when we get back home. We met up with a friend of hers were we was staying at for the week. I did have a good time. Got to meet some new people and made some new friends. Plus I got to go to a state I had never been to before. Her friend and there family was very nice. I enjoyed hanging out with her husband. He was really cool. We ate at a china resturaunt there and they had some great food. Even though I did not like there egg drop soup.

     While we was there we took a trip to Bangor Maine. We rented a car from Enterprise and took off for a long journey. The car ride was fun but really long. But I enjoyed it. I like to drive and see sights. While we was in maine we spent some time with there family, and had a gathering. We also went and did some fishing. where I thought her son how to fish. And our daughter had a real good time to. I bought her a fishing pole and a tackle box. I wore her out that day. I really wish I had a better camera so I could have took pictures that would have turned out better.

     When we left bangor Maine and went back to Massachusetts we turned the car in and spent some more time with niki' friend and family. after wards we got back on a plane and headed back home. The ride home was even scaryer cause it was raining and lightning. I got scared thinking that it was gonna hit the plane. But it was also pretty too. Seeing something like that so close up. When we got back to Alexandria, Louisiana and got off the plane I kissed the ground. Then I turned to Niki and told her that I was never flying again. I said if we ever take another trip, we are gonna drive. I feel more safe on the ground than in the air.

     I never thought that I would ever fly on a plane. Thats what happens when u get a beautifull woman with pretty blue eyes. They tend to make you do stuff you never thought you would do. I did have a good time and I cant wait till we go back. I miss every body up there. Next time we go I promise I am gonna have lots of pictures to share for every body to see.

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photo by: dess_captain